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Ways to keep a dog entertained?

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Roseberrry Wed 06-Apr-16 15:49:04

I was just wondering what your dogs favourite games or chew toys are? My pup is very food orientated and loves a challenge. So far he enjoys a treat being wrapped in the middle of a long dressing gown cord and tied up, treats being hidden at the bottom of a slipper and treats hidden in cardboard boxes etc. He likes a kong but can get bored of them.

insan1tyscartching Wed 06-Apr-16 16:03:57

Eric likes a treat or two inside an empty plastic coke bottle, not too small that they come out easily though as the fun is over too quickly then. Because it's light and they roll he gets the added bonus of getting to chase it and the noise excites him as well.

Skippedthelightfandango Wed 06-Apr-16 16:19:08

Aren't you just teaching him to chew slippers and dressing gowns?

Mine likes a bone....

LimeJellyHead Wed 06-Apr-16 16:21:36

My dogs love the Orbee Snoop. It is quite difficult (it doesn't give its treats up easily)

Fun training is also great with food loving dogs. You bond and stimulate their brains too. I used to teach my terrier all sorts of things, just for fun. They love it and your bond will grow and grow. Sit stay is an obvious but good one. Useful and also the racing towards you after the release is fun too. Quite exciting for them. Dogs love learning and knowing they did it well. Give paw, high five, turn in a circle, find it, put it away in the toy box, ring the bell... the list is endless.

Another fun game with treats is to have your dog sit and stay while you hide a treat in the house, then give a cue for them to go find. Great fun. Start easy and make it more and more difficult to find.

LimeJellyHead Wed 06-Apr-16 16:23:09

This might give you some more ideas smile

Clg199 Wed 06-Apr-16 16:25:14

My dog is an 11 year old greyhound. He has a reindeer antler chew and a very comfy bed. That's all the entertainment he needs!

Roseberrry Wed 06-Apr-16 17:55:49

Thank you, those are great ideas!

You'd think it would encourage him but to be honest he's pretty good, only goes for his own slipper.

triballeader Wed 06-Apr-16 23:19:57

The one thing mine can play with all by herself is a huge boomer ball [see Company of animals] Keeps her entertained, having to use her brain and moving.
The downside - all my flowerbeds now look like a pig playing with a lawn roller has just been through.

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