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Daily training.

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Springermum1350 Mon 04-Apr-16 12:36:23

For those of you who training fairly regularly with ur dog. What do you do ? Just curious.

triballeader Mon 04-Apr-16 15:09:49

I take mine once a week to a dog club that offers the full KC good citizens scheme, flyball, agility and advanced obeidence way past KC gold. BTW mine is still stuck in silver as the class clown who takes ages to learn something new.
In between I use her love of balls to make up games using commands learned at the club to positively reinforce what she needs to learn with lots of fun rewards. It takes her longer to learn as she is a rescue and had been very badly abused. Every so often the trainers throw in dog brain games to keep the dogs interested in learning and improve on calm socialisation for the more reactive / easily distracted dogs.

I do little bits throughout the day, in the house, in the garden, out walking. Short, fun and hopefully setting her up with a chance to get it right. Occasionally she gets a high value fish for dogs cube or snippet of meat. I might play with her using a ball, ragger or brain game. I reward like crazy for anything she finds hard to 'get' or if it is a new command and only occasionally for things she now knows well. I always keep training short, fun and interesting so my dog is willing to join in.

It took 16 months before I saw she was mostly doing what was asked and its taken 24 months of doing some obeidence every single day for my dog. Hard work but worth it as people now comment on how well trained she is.

She does not do flyball as she has a thing about JRT and they have a thing about her. Once she has silver I may try her at agility and possibly some 'for fun' obedience with other dogs working towards Gold and beyond.

If your intrested in training your dog start with the KC good citizen scheme. The awards start with Bronze and go to Gold, most clubs insist on a dog having the Bronze Good Citizen award before trying flyball and similar activities. Some clubs offer additional Platinum training for dogs and owners keen to compete at the likes of Crufts.

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