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OK, this dog and eating chocolate thing....

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needastrongone Fri 01-Apr-16 18:31:40

Ddog1 ate both of DS's Easter eggs yesterday, he isn't supposed to go upstairs, but did and into DS's room and ate the eggs, which were within reach. I was at work, only DS in the house, but no-ones fault.

2 Christmas ago, a selection box. Entirely my fault, I hadn't cleared up the living room after present opening and was distracted cooking for a big number of people.

A Macdonald's that had been discarded by some moron at a local park. Ditto a packet of skittles.

Not even a loose poo this morning. No affect at all. Any of it.


Has anyone else got a dog like this? He's a Springer btw.

NoCapes Fri 01-Apr-16 18:33:54

The dangerousness of it depends on the ratio of chocolate to dog
Our dog ate a giant toblerone when she was a teeny tiny pup and had to have her stomach pumped and spent two nights in hospital, she was actually very very poorly

needastrongone Fri 01-Apr-16 18:35:27

Oh gosh, that's awful Capes. I'm sorry about that.

Shows what poor quality chocolate the bog standard stuff on sale here is then..

BertrandRussell Fri 01-Apr-16 18:36:43

Our dog was very ill after not much chocolate a couple of years ago. The vet said that the vast majority of dogs are absolutely fine with it- you just don't know whether your dog will be until too late. Apparently, ours could very well die if she eats any more- we are paranoid incredibly careful about it.

Grapes and raisins are another thing that apparantly make some dogs very ill. Bizarre- because I lived in Malta as a child, and dogs used to steal grapes from vinyards when they were thirsty.......

NoCapes Fri 01-Apr-16 18:38:25

It was horrible she was so tiny and I felt awful
She ate the cardboard, tin foil and everything
It was the most expensive bloody Toblerone ever
And no it's doesn't stop her begging whenever we've got something stupid dog

needastrongone Fri 01-Apr-16 18:38:45

Yes, I usually let the dogs hoover up anything I spill while cooking, but swoop for raisins and grapes before they can, I can't think they've ever eaten those by accident.

Hope your dog is ok too Bertrand

needastrongone Fri 01-Apr-16 18:40:21

Sorry, I am not laughing at your poor dog being so poorly, but I am smiling at your post a little Capes, mainly at the foil bit tbh smile

NoCapes Fri 01-Apr-16 18:41:42

It's ok we laugh now too, it was a couple of years ago
Every time I buy a Toblerone the kids still show her and say "this is not for you!" grin

needastrongone Fri 01-Apr-16 18:44:16

Ddog1 is the most accident prone dog you could imagine, but appears to have a cast iron stomach smile

SenecaFalls Fri 01-Apr-16 18:52:35

My girl downed 12 oz of milk chocolate at my brother's house Wednesday afternoon. Luckily my SIL found the bag which she (the dog) had hidden or we wouldn't have known. She's had a difficult two days, but is now doing much better.
Oh, and yeah, each piece was wrapped in foil.

needastrongone Fri 01-Apr-16 18:58:53

I now feel I need to pay homage to Ddogs astonishingly strong constitution. confused Lucky boy he is!

slebmum1 Fri 01-Apr-16 19:14:06

My stupid dog ate a lump of dope he found out on a walk. We go down an alley and think he picked it up there.

He ended up at emergency vet, 4 shots of diazepam to bring him down and 48 hours in hospital on a drip.

Yesterday he ate half a baguette with yummy stinky Brie on it. He's been drinking tons and has seriously dodgy stomach.

He has however never had chocolate, or grapes.

LetThereBeCupcakes Fri 01-Apr-16 19:17:29

Anything more than 9 grammes of chocolate per kilo of body weight is when you start getting an issue. My 20 kilo dog managed to eat 180g of an easter Egg on Tuesday so right on the cusp. We decided to get the vet to make her sick as didn't want to risk it.

needastrongone Fri 01-Apr-16 19:18:36

My friends dog ate dope she sniffed out, stashed in a bush and they nearly lost her, as they didn't know what she had eaten. That was really awful I recall, she collapsed and started fitting pretty much immediately.

Ddog has damaged his eye, slashed his paw wide open, ripped his tail, and all manner of things happen btw grin

needastrongone Fri 01-Apr-16 19:20:15

That's interesting. I'll note for the future. Ddog is a tiny Springer, very lean, he's 15kg and ate 2 whole eggs. I am started to consider how lucky I am.

HarrietSchulenberg Fri 01-Apr-16 19:25:23

Was it Cadbury's? If so, dog will be fine as there'a barely any cacoa in it. The new recipe tastes like dog chocolate (yes, I've tried both).

SexLubeAndAFishSlice Fri 01-Apr-16 19:29:59

IL's old dog was immune to chocolate, he ate tonnes of it, he was a springer x king charles, no-one ever learnt to keep chocolage out of his reach and throughout his 10 years he polished off endless boxes of maltesers, massive bars of galaxy/dairy milk/whole toblerones/chocolate oranges, one christmas he scoffed an entire tin of roses and barfed up endless empty wrappers.

Because of this one dog, MIL claims that chocolate being toxic to dogs is a myth hmm

MadisonMontgomery Fri 01-Apr-16 19:33:52

I've heard as well that the older the dog gets the more dangerous it is, as the toxins build up in the kidneys.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Fri 01-Apr-16 19:34:01

Our cavalier ate two 850g bars of dairy milk once. The vet couldn't induce vomiting but told us to prepare for the worst and stayed around for hours, sure that dog would collapse. He was fine. I have no idea how; but I'm very glad he was!

lemoncrisp Fri 01-Apr-16 19:45:18

Our ddog, Tibetan terrier, ate a whole green and blacks Easter egg and thankfully survived but it was close. Emetic given by vet and overnight on a drip. Just one of his many misdemeanours - sadly came to an untimely end from a different incident.

MyKingdomForBrie Fri 01-Apr-16 19:47:50

My ddog ate an entire pack of butter. Poo'd what looked like pools of brown melted butter for at least 24 hrs afterwards.. angry

Chocolate depends on the concentration of cocoa and the dog size/ constitution.

Missanneshirley Fri 01-Apr-16 19:52:40

My old dog ate a shed load of chocolate once, think 2 children's entire Xmas stash. He was hyper afterwards but no ill effect. However years later when he died it was his kidneys that had packed in, I always wondered if it was somehow connected

KP86 Fri 01-Apr-16 19:55:50

My little Jack Russell (although she was very stocky and chunky) ate so much stolen chocolate over the years without a sniff of a problem. Once she opened a large box of Heroes, unwrapped them all and demolished the lot while we were out. Another time I left 3/4 block of aero mint bubbly on the couch while I got myself a drink, came back 30 seconds later to a very minty-breathed puppy and no chocolate left.

Wouldn't recommend it for others, but she was fine.

SwallowsInSpring Fri 01-Apr-16 19:59:48

Chocolate poisoning is related to the theobromine content (found in cocoa). Dogs react to it like we do to caffiene, but are much more sensitive. So increased heart rate, acting hyper etc to start with, but then become hyperthermic (too hot!) and that plus the worsening effect on the heart can kill them. So the darker the chocolate, the more likely they are to have effects. Dogs can get away with eating milk chocolate usually (although sometimes extra theobromine is added, so it's hard to be sure). Any vomiting or diarrhoea thy get can be related to this but more likely is just due to the amount of fat and sugar present (hence dogs with 'cast iron stomachs' appear not to be unwell-doesn't mean they won't be affected by the theobromine though.

If that's unclear, read the vets now website about it-very informative (no, I don't work for vets now!).

jellycake Fri 01-Apr-16 20:02:01

Our German shepherd (no longer with us but old age rather than chocolate) could unwrap creme eggs. She once did a box of 6 when my dsds left their eggs on the dining room table! She was absolutely fine...

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