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burdog Mon 28-Mar-16 22:11:30

My ddog (16 weeks) was diagnosed with colitis yesterday. We are feeding her 50/50 boiled chicken and white rice and giving her medicine as prescribed by the vet. She is pooing frequently and her poos are not getting any better (one was better, the rest were just as bad, making me feel very guilty. I almost cried at the vets because I felt like the worse dog owner ever, which is melodramatic I know). Does anyone had any experience of when colitis will clear up? She is otherwise bright and has an appetite (chicken is a lot more interesting than puppy kibble, I have discovered...), but I'm not sure when she needs to go back to the vet if she isn't improving.

Springermum1350 Mon 28-Mar-16 22:34:21

My springer has been in and out of hospital all week with some form of intestine bacteria thing.

He was really dehydrated as he wasn't drinking and the diarrhoea was awful.

He went in to have a drip to get fluids in him. And as he was sick he would eat the antibiotics.

I kept asking people if his diarrhoea which had been going on for a week was okay? Not one vet seemed to be worried about it. After a few scares ( didn't think he would make it through Friday night) he is better. Finally.

He saw the vet on Tuesday and on Thursday I took him back as he had stopped eating , drinking and most importantly he didn't react to a cat that walked by.

And now over a week later his diarrhoea has finally stopped.

Just make sure your dog is drinking. I can't stress that enough. But I would see eating as a good sign

MrsJayy Tue 29-Mar-16 13:56:11

My last dog had bouts of colitis throughout her life she had prescription meat it came in a roll when she was really bad vet recommended chappie complete which did give her formed poo she could have it for over a week

MrsJayy Tue 29-Mar-16 13:59:15

Sometimes when she was really bad i gave her plain pasta or rice to make her feel less hungry and bulk her up but yours is a puppy maybe ring the vet again

burdog Tue 29-Mar-16 18:02:06

She's going to the vet tomorrow for earmites, so I'll mention it.

My last dog, a border collie used to get colitis regularly. He was put on a specific diet and only allowed to eat that - it was bought from the vet's so probably Science Diet or similar. He had Diarsynil (sp?) when he had a bad bout which was usually exacerbated by stressful situations.

When he had his teeth cleaned, after several years of the poor soul suffering, it totally cleared up and never returned.

Good luck - it really is horrible seeing them suffer.

Helgathehairy Tue 29-Mar-16 22:38:18

My golden had it on and off as a puppy. It was horrible for him and us as we had to clean poo off the floor. I think it was Hills id food which cleared it up eventually but I know he had tins of food too as they were easier to eat. After a while we were able to wean him off hills and he's on Burns now.

KateMossIsMyQueen Wed 30-Mar-16 18:45:18

Hiya, our lab had terrible colitis for a year as a puppy, he was on some Hills Prescription food that was expensive but effectively broken down chemically so really easy for him to digest. When he had an attack of diarrhoea the vet said to give him cottage cheese and rice, any meat or egg protein was too much for him.

Hope your doggy is feeling better soon!

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