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Advice please re aggressive dog

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emummy Sun 27-Mar-16 12:05:29

Ddog today was attacked for second time by the same dog. Ddog is 2 year old black lab, other dog may be a viszla. The first time a month ago my dog approached the other one, which went for her and chased her, biting a few times leaving small wounds. Today we saw them from about 30 feet away, I grabbed hold of my dog but the other dog raced straight at us, bit mine again before owner eventually managed to grab her. The owner was saying "It's fine, it's fine" till I yelled "No it's not she was bleeding last time" at which she says "oh!" and leaves while I was comforting and checking over my dog.
Both episodes have taken place in a large forest outside our small town, where most dogs are walked off lead.
We will be talking to the dog warden tomorrow, but in the meantime if I meet them again is there anything I should do? The other owner doesn't seem to control her dog so if we meet them I expect it to attack. Would a water spray help deter the dog? I was running at the time, can carry stuff on my belt. I finished the run today with a stick in my belt in case we met them again!
Thanks for any suggestions

georgedawes Sun 27-Mar-16 14:22:59

No idea if it'd work, but have you seen those pet corrector sprays? That might distract it and you could carry a spare slip lead to grab it. Having said that I'm sure my dog would be freaked out by the sound so don't know if I could use it!

emummy Sun 27-Mar-16 16:45:14

Will have a look at those, thank you!

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