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a series of unfortunate events

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Syncopated123 Fri 25-Mar-16 18:44:16

Good evening all,

this evening my dog jumped out the window to chase the neighbours cat.

after a 30 second dash the cat was hit by a car and died the driver didn't stop.

the cat is now buried, but I don't know what to do for my neighbour?

any advice on what I should do please!

5608Carrie Fri 25-Mar-16 20:18:31

It depends on how well you know neighbour and how well you get on.

I would be inclined to pop round with some flowers and apologies.

Dieu Fri 25-Mar-16 20:23:41

Yikes, you must be absolutely mortified. A nice (and apologetic) card and flowers.

TheCricketWidow Sat 26-Mar-16 17:01:23

How awful, what a crap situation. I'd take flowers, theres not alot else you can do I don't think.

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