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Aussie shepherd

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Nobodyspecialanymore Wed 23-Mar-16 06:46:30

Tell me not to go pick him up and take him home! 7 month old rescue, Aussie shepherd. Our last dog- a pittie/heeler mutt passed away from old age 9 months ago. We've a huge back yard, live backing onto national forest land.
That said....very active young dog, and a shepherd.
He's gorgeous!

LetThereBeCupcakes Wed 23-Mar-16 06:48:20

Well I'm no use to you, I'm off to see an 8 month old lab tonight!

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Wed 23-Mar-16 06:54:02

No words of wisdom here either, I own a 22 month old border collie and an 18 month old cocker spaniel so I have no sanity left grin

Blacksheep78 Wed 23-Mar-16 07:08:54

3 cattle dogs here - the last one I "inherited" from a regular client who passed away and everyone knew the dog loved me.... Is there such a thing as too many dogs???? Are you still here? Really? Go already!

Nobodyspecialanymore Wed 23-Mar-16 07:10:01

It's the Aussie or a 3 year old Pembroke corgi...or heart says the Aussie, my head says corgi....dh says both!

Nobodyspecialanymore Wed 23-Mar-16 07:20:38

He's cute isn't he!

DreamingofItaly Wed 23-Mar-16 08:05:14

Get him. He needs your love. Look at that gorgeous face!!

Nobodyspecialanymore Wed 23-Mar-16 08:11:24

In getting him! The Aussie needs a job, as gorgeous as he is I can't give him what he needs. Dh persuaded me that a 7 month old working line dog is going to be too much.
I'm actually tearful! I didn't realize how much I missed my old girl. It's been 9 months now, and it really is time.
Thanks, Italy, I needed the push!

LetThereBeCupcakes Wed 23-Mar-16 08:46:17

Do you know much about him? We do dog agility and that is sufficient for most of the dogs in the club, even the working line collies. Do it, go on!

Nobodyspecialanymore Wed 23-Mar-16 08:52:08

7 months old, surrendered due to being too active and destructive for the family he was with. Cat hating, chicken killing, non dog aggressive, love bug. But destructive indoors. We currently have no chickens.
We have a huge yard, kennel if needed, high fences. He's beautiful. I think corgi boy might be sensible and that face is adorable....but only one dog is sad. We held off getting a friend for our Rita, after her buddy Roy passed. Perhaps the two might get along! I'm torn!

LetThereBeCupcakes Wed 23-Mar-16 10:48:30

The boy we're going to see tonight is also destructive, dodgy recall and bird obsessed. But he's a teenager and the current owners have done nothing with him at all, so what do they expect? He was found straying in Ireland last November, brought over here and adopted in December, owners have done nothing at all and leave him for hours at a time so what do they expect?

Can you maybe spend a bit of time with him and see what you think?

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