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dog barks at everything

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WorthMoreThanThat Mon 21-Mar-16 21:03:02

Jack Russell, 4 years old. Literally barks at everything! Every bird that flies past, every noise she hears, the neighbours that she sees everyday, the tele, a shadow! She is such an amazing dog other than the bark! Please help! Is there anything I can do to stop it slightly!?? She barks constantly when she's outside so I don't dare leave her in the garden for more than 2 minutes. The neighbours have commented on how she still barks at them. All my friends say how lovely she is but her bark lets her down. It's so loud, and so often! Advice please!??

georgedawes Mon 21-Mar-16 21:33:38

Have you tried teaching speak and quiet? Is she scared at all?

WorthMoreThanThat Mon 21-Mar-16 22:01:33

She's not scared of anything just barky confused! I haven't really tried anything, I don't know what to try??

georgedawes Mon 21-Mar-16 22:05:20

Im no expert but if she's been doing it for 4 years it's probably not going to change overnight but I'd say have a look on YouTube for videos at teaching speak and quiet. Clicker training might work well! Is she food motivated?

Lokibuddyboo Tue 22-Mar-16 10:13:00

My jrt cross chihuahua is also really barky but only when visiting family and then only when im there, if I leave him with family he's quiet. And he's quiet when it's just me and him. It's annoying my family always say he's a lovley dog when I'm not around.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Tue 22-Mar-16 11:02:36

You need to speak to a dog trainer, there's specific training you can try to teach her when to be quiet. I'm not sure how it works but it can be done.

MegMez Tue 22-Mar-16 15:15:13

Oh my gosh. Just posted and was flicking through other posts and started reading this and thought "did I write two posts?" I also have a 4 year old Jack Russell who loves to bark. Not a very helpful reply but let me know how you get along! For mine, I think it's a territorial thing about the house - so in the garden he barks at birds or cats that come in his space and in the house it's the postman pushing letters and parcels into the hall and in the living room it's anyone passing the house (which is all the time as we live near a train station in a terrace with no front garden).

sulee Tue 22-Mar-16 20:40:18

Sorry to say but I think it's a JRT trait- mine is so yappy- drives me mad and I'm forever telling him to be quiet which just makes me feel bad as he's getting on a bit! My job involves visiting people at home and their Jacks are usually noisy- poodles too!

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