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Damaged Home

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CreepingDogFart Sat 19-Mar-16 21:00:47

My lovely Labrador is my whole life. He is ten months old. I had always wanted a dog and decided to get one despite a "stately homes" situation. I am not married and I can't have children. He is my absolute world.

He has damaged my house beyond explanation despite training and not being left alone. He goes to daycare when I work and he is always occupied. It's the gaps like me having a shower or going to the toilet when he wreaks havoc. I also have a lovely little hamster who goes rogue so she can run off her energy and she has done her own damage too. I sort of don't care because I love my pets so much. However, adding up the cost of the damage is scary. I could give examples of the damage done but imagine it and it's happened. So please, to make me feel better, tell me the damage your lovely pets have done?

RosieMapleLeaf Sat 19-Mar-16 21:25:25

One of mine would run riot if he had the opportunity, so he has to come into the bathroom with me if I am showering or using the toilet. He just lies on the floor waiting for me.

In the past I've had a dog chew off the corner of our brand new leather couch, one chewed the corner of our kitchen table, the spindles on the staircase and all the spindles on the railing around the deck. Garden completely destroyed. Various dishes and cups dragged off the counter and smashed on the floor.

This is why we will not have a puppy again!

AnUtterIdiot Sat 19-Mar-16 21:43:26

My mother had a giant breed who caused unbelievable damage to her house when teething so I feel your pain. He ate everything. The leather sofa. The leather chairs. The doors from one room to another. The wood in the fireplace. The fireplace. The windowsills. The TV unit. The wooden blinds. The garden furniture. The decking. The wainscotting. Ornaments. I have never seen damage like it.

Word of warning, OP: they get into these habits when teething but you have to work on training them out of it. It isn't good for them or your house, and loving them includes training them to behave acceptably.

Not sure what you can do about the hamster but I wouldn't just be letting it "go rogue", what if it ends up trapped under the floor or in the walls? Hamster ball?

BlackMarigold Sun 20-Mar-16 09:22:09

Can you take him with you and make him wait outside the door while you shower etc? You could have leads attached to doors at strategic places to make sure he stays put at first, tell him "wait", he should soon get the idea and do it automatically.

Dieu Sun 20-Mar-16 11:25:15

Fair play to you OP. I absolutely couldn't put up with this from my dog!

WeAllHaveWings Sun 20-Mar-16 12:28:45

All our damage happed during our labs first 18months, then he just stopped. He chewed the usual shoes, boots if left out, dog beds wouldn't last more than a night etc. The parts of our home destroyed were:

Sofa - Removed a seat cushion from the sofa and chewed a large hole and ripped the foam inside to pieces, eating quite a bit. That one needed a vet trip

Carpet - one night ripped up the carpet from a corner and chewed about 4" x 12" off the edge and ripped a tear in it a couple of foot long. Ruined underlay too. Needed a new living room carpet which went all the way upstairs and into the hall.

Skirting boards, clawed and chewed.

Most of it happened at night when we were asleep upstairs, so we ended up crating him during the night which he was fine with.

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