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Dog not keen on men

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ChairRider4 Sat 19-Mar-16 06:10:34

After someone falling on me by accident on a early morning walk (They was jogging and tripped I am in a wheelchair
I of course screamed as they come from behind and I feared the worse as was in a woof
My boy is now wary around some men especially if coming behind us
On lead he is fine walks past no problems and some men he adores as known since puppy
Others he is indifferent to will ignore when of lead just go past

He has never been a lover of all men (women yes ) and It seemed be associated with a certain look that have couple rather snarly dogs and I had to tell couple men of for trying to force issue when wanting to stroke him where he has backed of and ignored them but they push it course he then bark
But ever since the incident he is lot worse with a certain look of man it's all noise and I knows it's about protecting me
I leash him if see a man on his own that's one we don't know and he is fine just watches them

But how can I teach him that men are not going to hurt me because I worry that if a man tripped again grabbed chair he may do more than bark (obviously if small chance they are threat then all bets of he can do what ever )

ChairRider4 Sat 19-Mar-16 06:12:43

That's a wood not a woof

I should add he is soft as anything good with animals ,kids ,bikes ,joggers and fine with my older boys
I have him on lead if workmen come in and after a bark for few seconds he then just lays by my feet watching them (still on lead just in case )

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