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Very needy puppy

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Myrtlethetyrtle Mon 14-Mar-16 11:07:54

I'm home based. I've been working in the dining room for nearly four months so that puppy (10 months or thereabouts) has me with him. He has two one hour walks/runs off lead a day. I work full time and I'm really struggling to get my work done. He chews everything so I can't leave him to roam downstairs. He happily goes in his crate at bed time and when I'm out. My office is upstairs and he is not allowed up because I have a cat and he won't let her downstairs. Upstairs is cats safe space. I need to work. If I go on a call puppy barks so I have to put him outside. If he's outside he chews my plants and digs them up. I'm really struggling. Is it ok now that I'm upstairs in my office and leave him downstairs? I feel guilty but I need to get some work done. If I don't give him attention he jumps up on me. He barks. Generally just wants me to play with him. I know he's bored but I can't play with him constantly. I'm wondering if I now just need to get him used to me not sitting next to him the whole while. I can pop down and see him regularly but is this ok? Tia.

Cheerfulmarybrown Mon 14-Mar-16 12:31:35

What type of dog is he?

2 hours of walking could be a lot for a 10 month old puppy. But you are right he has to learn to be able to relax.

I would walk him before feeding him, then feed and teach a calm (Maybe pop into the crate for a short time) and you get some work done.

After this I would give him a training session - clicker training for ten minutes while you have your coffee and then again give him some calm time.

Over lunch etc he can have more interaction but on your terms, scent games short on lead walk teaching heel work etc.

In the afternoon time with a stuffed kong on his own again and then his afternoon walk.

A dog does need your attention (some breeds more than others) but they also need to be happy on their own and be aware that they can not demand constant attention. I have a border collie pup at the moment who would be on the go all day if he had his way but equally when he is forced to chill he will sleep all morning! (just like toddlers they need to be encouraged to relax!)

WhoaCadburys Mon 14-Mar-16 12:42:05

Can you stairgate off an area? Sprinkle something smelly like tuna on the lawn, give him a Kong, bones, chew toy?

I would get him to associate you going upstairs with getting a lively bone each time.

WhoaCadburys Mon 14-Mar-16 12:44:07

*lovely bone!

And yes, agree that sounds a lot of walking for a ten month old.

LizzieMacQueen Mon 14-Mar-16 12:47:06

I was a bit like this with my 6 month puppy, a habit grown from toilet training. I was so desperate to not clean the floor that I was constantly putting him out and so he rarely left my side. Now that he's older I'm a bit more relaxed and can cope with the occasional wee but he still whines for a short time when I leave him.

The inside of tin foil or cling film rolls are the cheapest way to entertain him.

Myrtlethetyrtle Mon 14-Mar-16 14:19:03

He's a lab X. I don't do 2 hours consistently. Some days are longer than others but he always gets a morning walk when I get up then another around lunch time. He has lots of toys and we also do evening games and clicker training. I don't mind evenings because I don't have work pressures. I've lived his crate in to the other room. I'm going to slowly make my way back to my office. I'll come down for regular breaks and spend that time playing with him in the garden. I'll make sure he has his Kong and other distractions. For my own mental health I really need to separate a bit. i have doors that close to the upstairs so he can't get up there but he just barks and whines. I'm worried about the noise for my neighbours.

WhoaCadburys Mon 14-Mar-16 21:28:16

Are you going to him when he whines? We always leave it until not whining not to reinforce whining

Pixa Mon 14-Mar-16 21:35:06

I recommend that you start looking at some scent games.

I work from home with my ten month old pup. She gets attention first thing for around an hour, that includes; initial morning fuss, letting out for business, breakfast, some training/playing. She'll then sleep all morning and wake up around 11:30ish. I let her out again and she entertains herself for half an hour. I'll take her on a 45-55 minute walk at lunch time, which includes; training, off-lead heelwork, fetch and whistle recall.

We get home, I hide some treats around the living room, she'll find them playing scent games. She sleeps all afternoon. My husband will walk her around the block or a little longer in an evening. We then do a lot more playing and training I'm an evening.

It works well for us.

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