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Hurrah - a pointy nose whippet is runner-up at Crufts

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mollie123 Mon 14-Mar-16 06:02:19

I was rooting for Hazel (the whippet) to be best in show after she won the hound group but alas the judge fell for the westie (who was beautiful but lacked IMO the character and elegance of the whippet)
I think Clare Balding is a 'pointy nose' afficianado as I believe she has had lurchers herself smile
There was also a whippet who was so fast in the fly-ball - good to see.
Loved the border collie too.

bigbutsrus1 Mon 14-Mar-16 07:08:41

I was cheering the whippet on too. She was beautiful. I also had my tiny 9 week old whippet pup curled up snoring on my lap! Just slightly in love with the pointy doggies at the moment blushgrin

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Mon 14-Mar-16 08:06:28

I wanted the Gordon or the Whippet to get it so glad she got reserve at least. To be honest though I'm just glad the Pekeingese didn't get either, a GrGr Aunt of mine had one who was a lovely little chap but he had a defined face not all squished up like they are now resits urge to rant further & put soapbox away.

mogloveseggs Mon 14-Mar-16 08:11:31

That whippet in the flyback was amazing!

mogloveseggs Mon 14-Mar-16 08:11:52

*flyball blush

cuntinghomicidalcardigan Mon 14-Mar-16 08:14:09

I though the border collie was beautiful but my major soft spot is always for the ridgebacks, one day, when I have time to train and exercise and no small children to get knocked over I will have a ridgeback smile

mollie123 Mon 14-Mar-16 14:17:23

bernard - did agree about the peke ( I am sure in the rupert books they look like normal dogs with a defined face shock ) but my next dog - after a break from 'lurchers' will be a whippet or whippet cross - they are so beautiful and elegant my heart melts blush

mollie123 Mon 14-Mar-16 14:20:08

as pekes (including ping-pong ) used to be and they could breathe properly!

siscaza Mon 14-Mar-16 14:25:58

<whispers> I was actually pleased the whippet didn't win and was routing for the westie ;) but then I'm a fan of a solid dog (have a Basset!) so that makes me biased!

BlackMarigold Mon 14-Mar-16 15:49:04

Those 2 were my favourites, couldn't choose between them.
The westie must have been exhausted, doing breed category and best in show in one day. All that walking about on little legs.

PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Mon 14-Mar-16 17:08:30

Pekingneses look much nicer with a puppy cut in my opinion. (DP said "that's not a dog, that's a cushion!" when he saw the one last night.)

The whippet was lovely, although it was the border collie I wanted.

pandakitchen Mon 14-Mar-16 17:36:27

We were cheering Hazel. So happy to see a Whippet win the group and come 2nd- My DDad text me at 11pm last night to say Hazel was robbed! What a beautiful girl, then again we are totally Whippet biased. She did seem a little timid when she was on the bench so I wonder if that swayed it to the Westie. The Westie was utterly charming though, it was as if she knew all eyes were on her!

Would love to get our Whippet doing Flyball, but she is more likely to bugger off with the ball and then rob someones sandwich - one run and she would need a 12 hour snooze on the sofa! grin

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