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Crufts. Buying tickets on the door on the day?

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cuntycowfacemonkey Sat 12-Mar-16 15:15:15

Thinking of taking dc's to crufts tomorrow but you can't get tickets online anymore. What are the chances of me turning up tomorrow and being told it's sold out?

Whitney168 Sat 12-Mar-16 19:08:10

You'll be fine - best in show is sold out but general entrance tickets won't be a problem.

MsGee Sat 12-Mar-16 20:20:38

Go early though! We went today and took a while to park and got v busy.

Balletgirlmum Sat 12-Mar-16 20:24:12

It might be more expensive to pay on the door. You will get general admission but not arena tickets (I used to sell crufts tix when I worked at the NEC)

Scone1nSixtySeconds Sat 12-Mar-16 20:29:44

If you can - take cash! The queue for tickets paid for with cash is so much shorter - you'll probably save 15/20 minutes.

Adults and over 12s are £20 otd. Car parking is £12 per car.

If you can go by train (to Birmingham International) it is less stressful - spent 40minutes queueing on the m42 this morning (and we joined the queue at 9.30).

The cloakroom is amazing - only £1 per bag/coat and you can take it out and put it back in as you like - v.useful if you are buying heavy stuff - and the staff are lovely.

I love crufts.

cuntycowfacemonkey Sat 12-Mar-16 22:39:59

Thanks guys will set off early. Had hoped to go by train but Sunday timetable is crap and won't get us there til nearly 11.

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