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Would I be allowed to foster?

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Madblondeog Wed 09-Mar-16 15:22:34

I have a lovely labrador who is incredibly chilled out and friendly. He loves other dogs, unless they bark at him then he gets nervous but he craves canine company.

I would love to foster and help out a charity, but does anyone know if I would be allowed in the following circumstance...
- Work from home 2 days a week minimum
- Never out of the house more than 4 hours in one go (office is 10 minutes away from home)
- Secure garden
- Fields within a 30 second walk
- Have a crate should we need to keep dogs seperate when I am out
- DDog was already pretty much trained when I got him so not that much experience in that area

What do you think?

Bubble2bubble Thu 10-Mar-16 10:52:43

I actually think you could smile
It would be a matter of finding he right dog, and then timing it so that you were at home for the first few days. You couldn't have a puppy as that would really mean not leaving the house much, but an older dog who was quite possibly used to be alone should be fine.
When I have a new foster I usually try to leave them for 10/20 mins a few times over the first few days before going out for an hour or more. It is unusual for me to be away for more than couple of hours unless someone else was at home.
Having your own dog is a big advantage, especially for a nervous rescues as they will pick up on the chilled out vibes.

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