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My puppy attacked another dog today

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Myrtlethetyrtle Tue 08-Mar-16 17:18:47

He's an 8 month lab X. It was his second time out with a new dog walker. She told me he was playing with the smaller dog then turned aggressive. Growling and pinning the other dog down. She had to pull him off while the other owner was screaming. It really shook her up and she won't walk him again. This is my first dog. He's never done this before. I've rang the dogs trust for advice and waiting for their behaviourist to ring me back. We're in week three of puppy training and he is doing really well. I could really use some guidance with this. I would be devastated if he seriously hurt another dog. The other dog was fine I'm told.

Godstopper Tue 08-Mar-16 19:09:28

Play can, on occasion, spill over into aggression: it is not necessarily indicative of a massive problem at this stage.

You mention Dogs Trust. So, is he a rescue, and do you know his history?

Your dog walker doesn't sound too good, r.e. dealing with anything unusual. In that respect, I would look for one who is happy to have one-one walks, and does not allow your dog to interact with strange dogs - this is not good. She does not know anything about the other dog, and risks placing yours, and other dogs, at unnecessary risk.

He has not bitten, and that is a positive: dogs can make a lot of noise, and it can look a great deal more serious than it is (believe me, the first time my BT got into a scrap I was aghast, although it was all hot air).

In the meantime:

- Don't allow uncontrolled playing. You want calmness around other dogs, and this can be accomplished by e.g. treating for looking at the other dog and not reacting (watch out for subtle signs like lip-licking and don't go any closer if that occurs).

- Perhaps playing before a walk. We use a flirt pole (google it) for ten mins or so sometimes, which makes for a calmer work - you have a high energy dog.

- If something happens, it's o.k to have a day off and do stuff indoors. We can get fixated on walks; but they are counterproductive if your dog is stressed from the last one, and as a result, is more likely to kick-off.

Keep us updated smile

EasyToEatTiger Tue 08-Mar-16 19:13:48

It may be worth looking at the APDT for behavioural advice. Dog walkers are not all the same, but clearly it is up to you to nip this in the bud. It sounds like early days for all of you? How long has be been with you? Are there things you don't know about your dog? I have a yappy snappy bitch who I have to be quite firm with. Perhaps meaning more that I have to be confident with her and at least appear to be the one calling the shots. She has improved massively since she was a pup. I have had a lot of help on the way!

Myrtlethetyrtle Tue 08-Mar-16 19:16:20

Thanks God. He's a rescue yes. No real history on him. I've had him three months. He's really lovely normally. The dog walker is quite nervous and has referred me to a very experienced walker. I work from home mostly but I will need an occasional walker. He's a high energy very big puppy. Apparently he was nipping the other dogs belly but not mauling him.

mrslaughan Tue 08-Mar-16 21:36:49

Just make sure the more experienced dog walker uses positive training methods. He is still young and I think handled correctly this doesn't need to be a problem.
I have a large dog and looking for a dog walker I wanted someone who only walked 2-3 dogs at once - I hate the thought of my dog thinking he can be out of control - plus I have nearly hit a dog who ran across a road in front of me - away from her dog walker - the dog walker had about 6 dogs with her and had no control over a couple of them.

Wolfiefan Tue 08-Mar-16 21:39:58

This doesn't really sound like an attack. Could it be over boisterous play?
Agree re calm and playing at home. When you can stop if it gets OTT.

cbigs Tue 08-Mar-16 22:16:21

God you might actually be god.... I've never heard of a flirt pole and it sounds perfect for our puppy! Op I have a massive white long haired German shep. 5 months old and to put it bluntly he's an absolute tool when we walk him with other dogs. Hyper, in their faces pulling on the lead and it totally looks aggressive at times because he's big but it isn't aggression more over stimulated or something . I'm going to try the flirt pole .
Just thank you God ( not a sentence I've said before...) grin

endofmytethertake100 Thu 10-Mar-16 22:18:22

Maybe I'm a crap dog owner but my dog growls and mouths when she plays. She doesn't actually bite just growls and does this sort of mouthy action all her friends do it! None of them Yelp and are all very waggy and running back to each other for more. Are you sure he's not just rough playing ? Maybe the walker freaked as he'd have been much bigger than other dog. My dogs a chi cross so teeny but her bff is a ridgeback and they take it in turns to jump on each other. He rolls over so she can have a jump on attack then vice Versa and neither have ever been hurt, they adore each other.

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