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Is a dog share a good idea?

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NoPlanYet Mon 07-Mar-16 17:34:27

I'd really like to get a dog but it's not practical for a number of reasons, mainly that DP and I both work 4 days pw and couldn't commit to the amount of walking and exercise that a dog needs. We also like to go for weekends away everyon th or two, and occasionally manage a week holiday.

We're in the process of trying to move house to live near my parents. My mum in particular is a big dog fan (parents divorced so no dad to consider in her home) and would lover a dog but hasn't got round to getting one. I think she also feels the commitment in terms of going away for a weekend could be tricky.

So I was thinking...could we have a dog between us who lives in both homes? Does that ever work?

We'd be happy to cover all costs (DP and I have a good income, mum is retired and lives on a shoestring by choice), could we have different days we take the dog for a walk? Our house will be much bigger but mum is happy to have a small crowded house with a medium size dog roaming.

I think we could arrange weekends away so we rarely overlap, and on the odd occasion we do there will be friends nearby who could help out. But most of our weekends away will be to visit DP'd family who are all big dog lovers with their own well behaved pets so we could bring our dog along?

We will live a 15 min walk away from my mum.

Has anyone got experience of something like this? It's just an idea I've thought of at the moment, not discussed it with mum yet, just wondering what wisdom people can offer please.

MaynJune Mon 07-Mar-16 18:15:40

I know a couple who worked full time and took the dog to the parents for day care and the odd weekend. It was the parents' dog originally but they hadn't realised they were no longer fit enough for all the walking. The dog got short walks and out into the garden with them, and the younger couple did the main walks before and after work.

And neighbours who worked long hours including shifts, and were away a lot shared the dog with their friends who fortunately lived almost next door. It worked really well.

I think the dog would be very happy having two doting households.

Wolfiefan Mon 07-Mar-16 18:16:57

I wouldn't. I could foresee issues about joint ownership. Borrow it for weekend walks or volunteer for the Cinnamon Trust?

Floralnomad Mon 07-Mar-16 18:56:04

If you get on well with your mum I can't see it being an issue .

LimeJellyHead Tue 08-Mar-16 15:35:05

Some friends of ours did an unofficially dog share and it worked out well for both parties and the dog seemed happy too. Not sure about legal implications though.

Maryz Tue 08-Mar-16 15:38:59

Don't get a dogshare, as such. But if you can get a dog and as MaynJune says, ask your mum to do day care and the odd weekend, that might work.

Someone has to be the owner, though, the one to take the dog to training classes and to make decisions.

DixieNormas Tue 08-Mar-16 15:46:45

I'd say the same as Maryz I do know two people who's parents had the dogs in the day while they were at work and when they were away and it worked well.

NoPlanYet Tue 08-Mar-16 17:29:30

Thanks for opinions. It seems no-one is horrified by the idea so now to put it to DP and my mum... I think this could work! Am sure mum will agree and DP won't initially but will come round to the idea after a year of mulling. Definitely not a decision to rush...

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