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Mouth tumour ... Appt with oncologist - any experience :-(

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janmk Thu 03-Mar-16 18:03:41

We had a lump removed from my dogs gums . It was meant to be slow growing malignant but is back in a matter of weeks ! Just got consult appt with uni of Liverpool but would really like more info / experiences ... No ideas re cost etc ..,,

LimeJellyHead Fri 04-Mar-16 09:13:55

Sorry to hear that. Big hugs to you. Our Berkeley had a lump under his tongue 4 years ago. They said it was benign. It was removed. TBH we never though of it again. Then in Sept/Oct last year he started to have trouble eating and then also trouble drinking. In November they said the tumours under his tongue were back and it was malignant.

I don't suppose gum and tongue cancer can be compared very much but they would maybe have some similarities. We found infection to be quite a big issue as the mouth is so full of bacteria, so good mouth care was essential. We also had to spray him in his mouth with a sort of oral antiseptic every 2-3 hours. Keeps things nice and clean. Pain is another potential issue as having a sore mouth is not nice. Also, tumours can bleed when they get to a certain state/size. While Berks had some removed, they grew back quickly, and could be quite bloody and weepy. Again, keeping on top of mouth hygiene was important.

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