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Puppy limping

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snorepatrol Mon 29-Feb-16 21:01:09

I have a 6 month old cross breed who has been in good health since I got her vet checked and had all injections, flead wormed and due to be spayed next week.
Today she has been home with me all day not been for a walk (as I'm off sick and feeling rotten) but just basically sat in the lounge with me all day apart from the few times she's been out to do a wee.

This evening after being lay down with me she just started limping to the point she will not put her back leg down.
She didn't cry / yelp or anything like that she just literally wont put her leg down. I've felt all along her leg and nothing seems to cause her any pain at all. She will let me touch it and doesn't try to pull it away. There is no obvious injury or deformity I can see her claws all look fine and she lets me touch her paw too.

She's eating drinking and generally acting like a puppy running round the place like crazy except she is doing it on three legs and still not putting her leg down.

I've spoken to the vets and explained all of this they said as she's not in any pain and has no history of trauma to leave he be overnight (unless she starts to act like she's in pain) and if she's still limping in the morning t o take her in first thing.

Does anyone have any ideas of what may have caused this or anything I can do to help her?

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Mon 29-Feb-16 21:16:24

Our old Lab did this, started limping one Saturday afternoon wouldn't weight-bear so we rushed him to the emergency vet whereby he leapt from the car and bounded round the waiting room like a Labrador on speed with all four legs working perfectly well! Never did figure out what he'd done other than cost us a lot of money.

What breed is she? Have you researched the benefits of waiting a while until you spay her? Lots of research is showing that there are benefits in waiting until they reached sexual maturity now rather than the 6 months it used tio be done at.

snorepatrol Mon 29-Feb-16 21:23:05

Oh I hadn't realised that's what was recommended, the receptionist worked out when she should be spayed on the calendar at the vets when I took her for her injections and just booked it for me.

I'll have a look now and mention it tomorrow. I'm hoping my puppy makes a recovery overnight. I thought maybe her leg had just gone numb at first like she had been sat funny blush but then she just carried on. Weird because she's been right in front of me all day so I'm certain she's not injured it.

snorepatrol Mon 29-Feb-16 21:25:08

Oh sorry she's a cross breed a bit chihuahua / jack russel / boarder terrier looking but taller than a jack russel but that kind of pokey face. She could be anything really. We got her from our local shelter.

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