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dog bit other dog

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HermonieGranger Fri 26-Feb-16 20:34:12

Our dog is a loveable friendly one but reactive on the lead to other dogs when he is close to our house.

As such, we never ever let him off lead anywhere except our walled back garden.

As I was coming in from work lifting something in he got out, it was my fault as I had both doors open which we never do. My son went running, I heard barking and called my husband and ran. Our dog had bitten the tail of our neighbours dog who was walking home.

My Dh got our dog inside, I told my neighbour we would go straight to my vets in my car. Our vet was so nice to us (nicer than I deserve) , the dogs tail was nicked and she bandaged it and gave anti biotics. I collected my neighbour this morning to return for a further check after the bandage was taken off and the vet was totally happy it has healed. I have told my neighbour to come down at any time if she is worried and we will go straight back.

We have called up each day to our neighbour, we have started to put our dog into its crate at the very back of the house at busy times, he is now muzzled, which has actually made his behaviour so much better while walking, and we will see a behaviourist in the next couple of weeks.

Its just the thought of all the unhappiness I could have caused to my neighbour and my son. Our dog has really helped him with issues.

Greyhorses Fri 26-Feb-16 21:11:42

Mistakes happen. My dog also got out and chased a person with a dog. It gave me a kick to sort things out and I changed how I manage her and also got a behaviouralist, I think I had burried my head in the sand before.

Some dogs just aren't friendly, I would concentrate on management and try not to beat yourself up too much smile

Springermum1350 Fri 26-Feb-16 22:22:20

My dog is not good with other dogs. He is very nervous and he gets very nervous around other dogs but this comes out as noise and looks like he is going to bite ( he never has ).

I don't let him off the lead near people or other dogs because with a nervous dog you just never know.

I had a behaviourist in and it has helped a lot but I will never he able to let him off.

HermonieGranger Sat 27-Feb-16 07:26:17

Thank you both .
It has definitely made us so aware of what could happen and we have a good routine now when someone is going out or coming in.

I am glad the behaviourist helped. He will never be off lead now but I am looking forward to getting the help.

Thank you both again.

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