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crate question

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bigbutsrus1 Thu 25-Feb-16 19:08:38

So in less than two weeks our 8 week old whippet puppy comes home. We have a medium size crate and have put one of those hard plastic oval type beds in it. The bed its self has a nice fluffy cushioned liner and another big fleecy blanket! Do you just lock him in and hope he doesn't poo/wee? Thinking that DH will let him out for last wee/poo at 11.30-12 then should I ignore crying and just let him out at say 3am? And then up at 7am. The crate with the bed isn't big enough for puppy pads in it if needs a wee. Would it be better to just put blankets in initially so the crate had space for puppy pads too?!?

ImBrian Thu 25-Feb-16 19:18:44

Mine never had an accident in his crate over night. He went for a wee at about 11 and then in his crate till 6. The first night he settled straight away and cried once during the night so took him out for a wee but ever since then he's been fine.

I'm not sure about the pads, is that not just encouraging him to wee?

Crates are brilliant smile

BestIsWest Thu 25-Feb-16 19:56:19

Ours never messed in his crate at all. Our breeder advised us not to put paper of pads in the crate as she said that he wouldn't mess in his bed and it might confuse him. We made sure we took him outside after food, drink, play and every half hour or so and he as fine in the night from about 11:30 to 6am.

1frenchfoodie Sun 28-Feb-16 15:58:56

I don't think pads in the crate are recommended as the aim is that it is a place they do not soil. Our 9wk old pup had an accident the 2nd night home when in large (lab) crate but now moved to smaller one has been dry for a week. Apparently if the crate is too large then they may see it as having separate toilet space. He goes out last thing at night (11-12), midway through (3-4) and then as soon as we get up in the morning - about 7 - and is fine. Hasn't, fingers crossed, pooed in the house since the first 24h but still has the odd wee incident.

TrionicLettuce Sun 28-Feb-16 16:27:33

The pads shouldn't be necessary as you should be taking him outside rather than letting him go in his crate. All my whippets have needed to go out twice a night for the first couple of weeks or so then it drops down to just once a night.

Initially I'd either have the crate in your room with you or sleep downstairs near the crate. This way the puppy gets comfort from being close to you (it's a huge ask to expect a puppy to go from being with mum and siblings pretty much 24/7 to sleeping completely alone) and you can hear them get restless and whisk them outside before they get to the point of crying. As they settle and get into a routine you can them either gradually move them to wherever it is you want them to sleep long term or go back to normal sleeping arrangements for you.

Has the breeder had the puppies in a crate at all or will it be a completely new experience for him? If he's never been in one you'll need to get him used to it gradually so he's happy in there.

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