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Nervous Border Terrier Coming Home

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Bullshitometer Thu 25-Feb-16 15:23:57

I am adopting a 3 year old border terrier from Dogs Trust. She was used for breeding in a puppy mill and is nervous of being handled, sudden noises and loud noise but has never shown aggression.

She has been fostered for a few months but now in kennels waiting to come home with me.

What can I do to help her settle in? She will sleep in the kitchen as she isn't 100% housetrained.
I get the need for a 'safe space' for her to go to when she needs time out but we have a really small house and realistically there isn't a corner we can promise to stay away from while she's there. Obviously she'll have her bed but with me, DH and 2 teenagers there's going to be people walking past her bed a lot. Do you think this'll be a problem for her?

I've adopted dogs from Dogs Trust before but mostly with aggression issues. I have very limited experience with a nervous but not aggressive dog.

Any help is welcome!

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