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Collecting our puppy later - what to ask?

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SnowBodyforrrrm Mon 22-Feb-16 13:34:42

We are collecting our pup this afternoon. Are there any must asks you can think of?

I written down a few but sure I must be forgetting some vital must knows.

I know the brand of food he's on and how many times a day to feed him.

I'm being given his KC papers and the five weeks insurance plus the info on his next jabs.

The only other things I can think to ask are how much food should he be on and for how long.

Can anyone else think of anything I should ask before we bring him home? I will have contact with the breeder after but would like to get as much info from the offset rather then keep having to bother her!


Panicmode1 Mon 22-Feb-16 18:19:58

What worming programme he's on, when the next one is due and can I call you whenever I need were my other questions aside from the ones you have...

Good luck and enjoy it - they grow so fast!

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