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Dog and bikes

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groovejet Sun 21-Feb-16 13:57:55

Having issues with our 4 year old dog and bikes, specifically when my dd's ride their bikes, and could really do with some advise to hopefully resolve it.

Normally he has great recall, if we see other people on bikes there is no trouble having him come or stop and wait to the side until they have passed all this goes out of the window if it is my daughters on their bikes.

He will chase them and bark at them if they go too far, so for his and their safety we placed him on leash when they ride, whilst he can no longer chase them he will cry and bark endlessly.

Tried high value treats to distract him but he had no interest in the food he just wanted to reach my daughters, it was really stinky liver and had every passing dog interested in me!

Would love to be able to solve this as we really enjoy going to our local woodlands, it is great place for bikes and dogs but at the moment we either go with bikes and leave the dog at home or vice versa and would be great to combine the 2.

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