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golden oldies past and present

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Wordsaremything Sat 20-Feb-16 23:00:58

A thread to share our darling older friends, both past and present. I love mine even more as they get older and frailer. Never thought that would be possible.

Mine are 17 and 12.

pigsDOfly Sun 21-Feb-16 00:26:32

Oh they're lovely Words. 17, that's a great age for a dog. Is the 17 year old still enjoying his or her walks? Wonderful to see them still going strong at that age.

Where I used to live there was a woman nearby who had a 17 year old dog. They'd be out every day, just for a short walk round the block. The dog was very slow but she'd happily plod along beside her owner and you could see she still enjoyed her walks. She used to wear little boots on her feet because her pads were a bit sensitive.

My dog's coming up to five years now, really hoping we get to grow very old together: I'll be very old toosmile

Wordsaremything Sun 21-Feb-16 00:50:35

Yes she is. My 17 girl is the black terrier mix until last November walking 5 to seven miles with me. Now an hour is her max. My heart is very heavy. I love her so very much.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Sun 21-Feb-16 01:08:18

Smudge the Puppy Dog, AKA Pledge because of his shiny coat. Was still going strong right up to his 14th birthday, died aged 14 and 24 days because his limp that our vet diagnosed as arthritis was actually osteosarcoma, he died 5 days after diagnosis leaving a gaping hole in our lives.

Old dogs are very special and your terrier looks like such a character, I hope she has a good few more walks in her yet.

LimeJellyHead Sun 21-Feb-16 10:44:00

My funny little Berkeley who passed away last month aged 16. He lived a full and happy life right to the end and even got mistaken for a puppy on one of our last walks smile Missed more than words can say xxxx

ThePerfect1IThinkNot Sun 21-Feb-16 15:26:10

This is Jet who crossed over the rainbow bridge a year ago. Still had his "puppy eyes" to the end. He was nearly 14

BestIsWest Mon 22-Feb-16 20:39:20

Our lovely boy who we lost last year. Ten years was not long enough.

Wordsaremything Tue 23-Feb-16 00:13:09

Oh all such lovely ones. Thank you for sharing the pictures.
Has anyone seen the new dogs trust advert? Makes me blub like mad.

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