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Dog started weeing inside

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AprilShowers16 Thu 18-Feb-16 20:21:28

I have a 2 1/2 year old cocker spaniel, he's a very good boy and we've never had any problems with him. He's not neutered because he's very good with other dogs even entire males and I've not see any reason to do it

Over the past couple of days he's weed 3 times in the house while we've been out at work. It's more like marking type weeing rather than him being desperate to go.

From what I've read online i think it might be caused by some recent changes in the house - my DH and I have both changed jobs in the past 4 months and so our working patterns have changed. He's rarely left for more than 4 hrs alone but it's a bit more erratic than it used to be, also I'm 17 weeks pregnant so haven't had the same level of energy and in general we have bother been quite stressed.

Does anyone have any experience of this kind of thing or suggestions? Worried that if he's reacting to change now it's going to be worse when the baby comes sad

LilCamper Fri 19-Feb-16 08:06:36

If anything happens out of character for a dog it always worth a vet check to rule out anything medical like a UTI.

flanjabelle Fri 19-Feb-16 08:14:42

It could be that he is sensing your hormonal changes. I have known a few dogs act strangely during their owners pregnancy. One of my friends dogs started seeking out her knickers and trying to eat them. Bizarre.

bobinsky Fri 19-Feb-16 08:21:43

Our 2 year old lab started doing this - 4 times inside the house. He was also weeing constantly on walks and had once ran off after 2 bitches whilst off the lead and didn't respond to recall. We weren't going to have him done, but the marking territory inside the house changed our minds. There wasn't any changes in our house or any stressful incidents to have been a root cause.
He was neutered 5 weeks ago and there is already a big difference in his behaviour. On walks now he will possibly mark 5/6 times compared to 50/60 times!!! And, as yet, no inside the house problems.

AprilShowers16 Sun 21-Feb-16 08:46:58

Thanks for your replies smile lilcamper we have a vets appointment today for his jabs anyway so going to get him checked over

I haven't noticed him marking more than usual outside but will keep an eye out and interesting to know about dogs responses to pregnancy!

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