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What do I need to ask about potential rescue GSD?

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Heaveniswaiting Mon 15-Feb-16 21:19:39

Hi, we've had a GSD before and currently have a small dog. Tomorrow we're going to meet a GSD up for rehoming through a reputable organisation. We've not rehomed before, what questions do I need to ask? She's so lovely but I need to act with my head not my heart!!

AnUtterIdiot Mon 15-Feb-16 21:34:46

I'd get her hip score. How much do you already know?

PS I love GSDs, you are so lucky!

Heaveniswaiting Mon 15-Feb-16 21:43:06

Not much yet other than that it's a genuine rehome due to break up, no fault of hers. She's good off lead, good with other dogs.

AnUtterIdiot Mon 15-Feb-16 21:58:08

I'd ask about how she is with children, resource guarding, where she sleeps at night, how she is being left on her own and for how long, how many commands she knows and definitely get all available info on her health, especially her hips and back.

Greyhorses Mon 15-Feb-16 22:07:36

I would take her out and see her reactions to people and dogs on and off lead. Watch for signs of anxiety passing things and see how she reacts to strangers.

I would also want to know if she is protective of family and in what way. Does she guard the home or have any guarding traits.

I would also ask about health problems/allergies etc. I wouldnt personally care about hip scores but me mindful of insurance issues if she is previously diagnosed with a problem.

I love my shepherds but I wouldn't ever have another reactive one again so would be so wary of anything that could point to a nervous or unstable dog.
I hope she is perfect for you! Good luck!

gladisgood Tue 16-Feb-16 22:17:53

I love GSD's - have 2!

All of the above are great points. I would add:-

car journeys - does she get car sick?
how she is with smaller dogs/cats etc ( this might be the first question to ask, given you have a small dog! )

BetweenTwoLungs Tue 16-Feb-16 22:34:47

Her hip score?! A rescue is not going to have the money to hip sore a dog. I appreciate it a GSD but seriously.

Heaveniswaiting Wed 17-Feb-16 09:19:00

We met her and she's lovely, really great dog. The bit that puts me off is that she's used to a minimum of an hours walk a day. My dog little dog has half that!

georgedawes Wed 17-Feb-16 09:27:03

I don't think an hour's walk is much is it? I walk mine generally 1-2 hours which doesnt seem a great deal for a young, fit dog.

Greyhorses Wed 17-Feb-16 11:33:52

Mine need at least an hour or half an hour of something really high energy twice a day...ball games or agility if I'm short of time. They also get bored very easily.

They are also constantly on the go and need lots of mental stimulation and training.

If they don't get walked enough they are fine for a day but any more than that and they drive me insane!!

MaynJune Wed 17-Feb-16 14:55:44

My older dog is twelve years old and she still has at least hour and a half's walk very day, often more.

An hour sounds a lot less than I would expect for an adult dog.

BlackMarigold Wed 17-Feb-16 16:41:00

On the days my lab and GSD only get an hours walk they play fight for ages, very noisily, in the evenings and drive everyone mad.
After a 2 hour walk they're much more chilled.

SexLubeAndAFishSlice Wed 17-Feb-16 16:47:14

A minimum of an hour for an adult GSD doesn't sound a lot to be honest. I walk my lazy greyhound and Border Terrier for around that in the morning and the BT could happily go for many more hours than that!

Heaveniswaiting Wed 17-Feb-16 17:02:57

I don't think we're going to adopt her as she would be better with someone who can take her on super long walks.

georgedawes Wed 17-Feb-16 18:58:27

That sounds like a good idea if you can't walk her enough. But I have to say 1 hour a day isn't super long! Ive always thought it was a minimum really, over 24 hours it isn't a lot. My dog is OK to miss a day but would definitely be unhappy not to get that most days.

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