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Stclares Sun 14-Feb-16 15:19:32

So, I put my gorgeous dog to sleep at the end of November. He had 15 years of my love and care, and I surprisingly didn't feel guilty much. I honestly thought the guilt and the sadness would mean 3 months of non stop crying for me. I feel sad when I think of him, but I also feel massive amount of pride and happiness that the most amazing dog was mine.

But, what I can remember vividly when he was put to sleep, the vet checked his heart and told us he was gone. A few seconds later, my dog was gasping. I didn't expect that and got quite distraught. The vet said that it was gases leaving his body, it was normal. I've been there when another dog, who I loved just a tiny bit less than my dog, was put to sleep. I don't remember that happening. He just went to sleep.

Can anyone tell me if the vet was right, or if he was shielding me from any other issues. The vet was sympathetic and kind.

ApologiesToInsectLife Sun 14-Feb-16 15:22:52

I worked in a vets and assisted with many PTS's. I saw this happening fairly regularly and your vet is right. It's not nice to see but your dog would have been completely unaware, it's a reflexive thing.

suz1rr Sun 14-Feb-16 16:00:46

I'm a Veterinary Nurse and this does happen in some cases, as the muscles relax, often they can release a breath, have muscle twitches or sometimes will pass urine/faeces. Its not very nice to see, but they have passed away and not aware at that point. My Vet always warns owners beforehand that they may do it, so it doesn't come as a shock.

TheWhoreOfBabyliss Sun 14-Feb-16 16:05:59

It's not the gases leaving the body, that is BS. It is called Cheyne Stokes respiration and it's a natural reflex when the brain is deprived of oxygen (as it is as the respiratory centre is one of the first to shut down) and it's an unconscious last ditch attempt for the brain to get oxygen. Your lovely dog will not have known anything about it, it is a reflex only.
When I PTS dogs I tell the owner to expect this as about 60% of them do it and it is hellish startling if you don't expect it. flowers

MsMims Sun 14-Feb-16 18:41:16

I'm sorry you experienced this OP, but glad to see other posters have reassured you that it is normal and your lovely dog didn't feel anything.

I've only seen two of my pets put to sleep and haven't experienced this, but thank you for posting as I have many pets and this wouldn't come as such a shock now.

Stclares Sun 14-Feb-16 21:17:27

Thank you everyone. It's such a relief to find out that he wasn't aware and wasn't in pain.

Lokibuddyboo Mon 15-Feb-16 01:47:54

Yes as previous posters have said it is normal I've been with three dogs while being pts and the first time I witnessed a dog of mine pts this happened I too was shocked and thought the injection had not worked and called the vet back in but was told this is normal and happens sometimes but was just a reflex action.

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