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Struggling with house training, can people give me some extra advice please?

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Freddieready Sun 14-Feb-16 12:06:23

Freddie is now about 17 weeks old. We were doing well with house training until about a month ago. We got to the stage that accidents were actually rare. However we seem to have gone backwards. We give him a short walk twice a day, we send him out constantly to do weewee and the other. This is quite good and he always gets a reward when he does duty outside. However we have started to notice that he will just wee suddenly in the kitchen, this is his main living area. Also over the past few days he has also done the other a couple of times which is not acceptable.
Today I took him out for a wee, he did and then came back in the house and weed again on the floor within minutes.
I have been advised against raising my voice or a nose tap which I would
prefer not to do, has anyone got any ideas about the best way to get over this period?
I feel that a loud NO may be a possibility and take him outside as quickly as possible but I am just unsure of the best course of action.
Many thanks.

Cheerfulmarybrown Sun 14-Feb-16 12:16:41

I am a positive trainer and use treats a lot for training but would not reward peeing outside with a reward. What can happen is that the dog does not completely finish weeing to get the treat quicker and then can often come back indoors and wee soon after.

You do need to go outside with the puppy everytime you want him to wee. Stay with him and when he does wee give the wee command (we use be quick!) and then praise him. I tend to play with the dog outside for a few minutes after they have weed - this seems to make them think about weeing quicker rather than mooching around as they want to play. If they do take ages to wee or do not wee just come back inside again and try again later.

Do this every hour or so for a few days.

If he wees indoors just ignore and clean up the wee. - Dont blame him but just recognise you need to get him outside more often.

This is frustrating (and at times a bit boring standing in the cold garden waiting for him to pee!) but give it a week/days and things should be much better.

suz1rr Sun 14-Feb-16 13:32:18

Agree with the above post, take him outside frequently, especially after eating, sleeping, playing and stay with him, then reward when he does toilet straight away so he understands what he is being rewarded for (no point coming back in to the house and doing it, he'll have forgotten why hes being praised!) Giving it a command helps too, I say be clean to my dogs and they understand what I am asking them to do.
Remember he is a baby, and not doing it on purpose, patience is the key here, and make sure you don't have any pads or newspaper down, they send mixed signals to pups. Good luck!

miserablemoo Sun 14-Feb-16 14:06:11


Keep an eye on him when you go back in. If he starts a wee say NO and back in the garden. If he finishes his wee outside, lots of praise. For it to work you need to say no before his finishes. He needs to finish his wee outside. This worked really quickly with my boy. He soon got the message!

Good luck smile

Lokibuddyboo Mon 15-Feb-16 02:32:15

To train my ddog I took him outside quite often at first and when he started to do his business I would say (go peepee) and then praise when he finished, if he done it inside I would just ignore and clean it up.
now he asks to go by standing next to the back door and pawing it but if I need him to go ( before a car journey or before leaving him for a short time) I just put him outside and say go peepee and he knows what I want him to do and goes.
He's just a puppy and will slip up but he will learn what you want him to do just be consistent with him and he will get it.

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