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Crate issue!

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Greyhorses Fri 12-Feb-16 13:53:39

Wondering if anyone has ever come across this before and what to do.

Dog2 has recently (past week or so) decided to start urinating in her crate.
The trigger seems to be if she wants to be out, for example if someone pops around and she is crated she will bark and if I pay no attention she wees in the crate. The same has happened twice when she was crated and I spoke to my other dog- stared at me and weed on her blanket and continued to bark. She has also done it the second I lock the door on the crate if I want to put her away for a moments peace. She is literally in the crate for 30 seconds and has weed. She then looks at me waiting to be cleaned out.

Nothing really to fear so I don't think it's submissive type urination as she is not scared of me at seemed like an act of defiance although I know this is rediculous as dogs don't think like that.
So far today she has done it 5 times as soon as I shut the door. I don't want to leave her out as I want to get some work done!

She is crated for a max of 1-2 hours at a time mainly as she is aggressive to strangers, so can't just leave her out when people come. She is normally always fine in her crate though and has been happily sitting in there when I need her too from 3 weeks of age-she is now over a year old!
No UTI and she is taken out to the toilet lots so definatley not that, she can also hold her wee for hours overnight so it's not a continance problem confused

Any thoughts before I run out of bedding completley hmm

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