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Advice on feeding fussy whippet cross

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TwinsetBeck Thu 11-Feb-16 09:25:19

Hello, my whippet/JRT (with a bit of staffy, possibly) has recently had a stomach upset. She had antibiotics and probiotic powder to settle her digestive system. She is only 6 months old.

Obviously, while treating her she has been on chicken and rice. She is refusing to eat anything else now! Can't say I blame her. ;)

We had been feeding her Arden Grange and a spoonful of tinned food to moisten it up a bit. She was never too keen. We have tried a few biscuits- she will eat none of them softened with water and only eats a little dry- hence the spot of dog food.

Having tasted the delights of fresh chicken she is refusing to eat anything else. I am ok with this to be honest- it isn't much different in price and she is happy.

My plan is to give her 1/2 a chicken breast with rice and veg in the morning and a small piece of salmon (frozen) with rice and veg in the evening. She is only 5.4kg and is tiny. I'll supplement this with a cup of Arden grange biscuits for treats and crunch. The chicken and salmon will be cooked because I am paranoid about salmonella risk. I have young children in the house.

If you are still reading- sorry long!- my question is- will this diet be ok for her?

DraughtyWindow Thu 11-Feb-16 09:30:34

I have a whippet and a whippet x Italian greyhound. They used to be fussy eaters and then I finally woke up. They will not starve themselves on purpose. They will eat anything if they are hungry enough. A branded complete dog food is better as it will contain the right balance of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Try Royal Canin Mini Sensitive. Good luck.

Cheerfulmarybrown Thu 11-Feb-16 17:20:48

The diet you suggest will not be ok long term but fine for a few days.

Lokibuddyboo Thu 11-Feb-16 19:04:28

I don't see a problem with this my dad's dog lived on chicken, sardines and veg for first two years of her life as she too refused to eat any dog food. it was only when he got another dog did she start eating dried dog food and she's healthy.
Plenty of people feed cooked homemade or raw diets to their dogs.
But I would speak to your vet about it to make sure you are getting the right balance of protein and vitamins.

Greyhorses Thu 11-Feb-16 20:51:42

Sorry but I don't think that would be balanced enough to be healthy long term. Really you need a good nutritionally balanced diet to be sure. The reason we advice chicken and rice for illness is that it is so bland.

I don't pander to my dogs and advise owners not too either.
Food goes down, they get time to eat it, if it's not eaten it's taken away and goes back down for next meal. Repeat for however long it takes for dog to eat it. Most dogs accept it within a day or two, ive never met one who hasn't as long as the owner has persevered and not given in with treats or alternatives. No dog will starve themselves intentionally but if this was a child surely you would just tell them to eat it or go hungry, why is it different for a dog wink

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