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Dog not drinking or eating after anaesthetic

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iamwomanhearmesnore Wed 10-Feb-16 16:24:41

Hi, hoping someone can offer me some advice. My Maltese Poodle had a fatty lump removed under anaesthetic today (the vet and I were worried it was growing even though she'd tested it and it was benign apparently) but it did seem to be getting bigger and possibly uncomfortable.

Anyway he had the op at about 10am and I picked him at 4pm. It is now 6.20pm (we're in Africa not the UK) and he won't drink or eat.

I sort of expected he might not eat but it is such a hot day here and I'm wondering when I should be worried if he still isn't touching his water bowl.

My vet's practice is closed now and I wish I'd thought to ask more. I think there is an emergency number but I'm not sure this is an emergency - maybe it's to be expected - but for how long (especially in this heat)! Bit worried.

Any advice gratefully received? Thanks

tartanpooch Wed 10-Feb-16 16:44:26

My dog was exactly the same after having a GA. She didn't drink for almost 3 days in fact but did start eating after a day. Because she was having wet food the vet said this was ok. Can you tempt yours with something different to eat (mine was on dry food usually so was suddenly keen to eat when given jelly / gravy / meaty chunks from a tin!). Keep him cool and out of the sun and he should be fine, animals are pretty good at doing what's right for them instinctively.

Be warned though, Ddog didn't produce much poo for a couple of days after the GA, and then pretty much exploded! it was not pleasant to clear up!

iamwomanhearmesnore Wed 10-Feb-16 16:52:42

Thank you so much tartanpooch - relief to hear this sounds sort of normal then. He is in a cool shady part of the house - actually by my feet in my office area here at home - so hopefully he won't get dehydrated and it is also cooling down now thank goodness. I guess they would have had him on a drip during the procedure - wish I'd thought to ask about that too! I'll watch out for the poonami - thanks for that tip also grin

iamwomanhearmesnore Fri 12-Feb-16 07:44:59

Just reporting in in case anyone else ever has this issue. My boy eventually started drinking again about 5 hours after the surgery but he wouldn't touch any food until 24 hours later when he wolfed down huge amounts. Happy to say he is back to normal again but sporting a big bandage where the lump once was. Thanks again tartan - the vet phoned the next day and confirmed all your good advice.

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