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Kong Ballistic Ears Elephant toy - Don't Buy!

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SistersOfPercy Sat 06-Feb-16 15:44:35

Thought I was just unlucky but I've found a few reviews now with exactly the same issue.
Stupidly I paid £10 for this last night (normally I buy him cuddly's from the charity shop but decided to treat him). The back card said 'For tough play!'

Now I know no toy is indestructible, but I kind of expected not to pay £2 a bloody minute! 5 minutes before the trunk fell off. Seems to be a very common problem with them.

By contrast, I've included a pic of Murph with his 50p ELC caterpillar from the charity shop which he's had for 2 years now. Lesson learned, I'll stick to cheap stuff!

SistersOfPercy Sat 06-Feb-16 15:45:18

Forgot to add, I was back at Pets at Home within the hour and I did get a refund thankfully.

RosalieDene Sat 06-Feb-16 15:51:23

We had a similar experience with a Kong teddy, whose skin was ripped off within about 3 days - terrifying discovery, thought it was a rat!

SistersOfPercy Sat 06-Feb-16 15:59:07

Haha Rosalie!
On a side note, one of the best toys I've ever bought Murph was the Ikea Rat. The thing is shook, thrown, attacked, stalked etc and never bursts.

Disappointing as other Kong toys have always done well with him, but this just seems to have an inherent fault in how the trunk is fixed on.

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