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Stinkiest puppy ever!!

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Adarajames Sat 30-Jan-16 01:48:49

It's a 3 month old staff x looks like English bull terrier. Owner was going to throw it out onto street, Ive agreed to hold it till rescue place / longer term foster is found (I volunteer with number of rescues, so not as random as it sounds!) but my god, it stinks!!! It's farting and burping and can hear it's tummy grumbling away, and it's one of the most noxious things I've ever smelt, and Ive dealt with some very unpleasant things in my time!! It's making me gag, and even rescuing puppy farm dogs who reek has never been as bad! It's probably been fed the most awful cheap tinned stuff, certainly smells like that's part of the problem, but should I be concerned that there is something more worrying going on? And is there anything I can do to help sort it quickly? Obviously food is changing to decent stuff which should help, but we're having to sleep with windows open it's so bad!! Anyone? envy <not a jealous face!!!!

Alisvolatpropiis Sat 30-Jan-16 01:50:58

I think it could well be the food the pup has been fed. Poor thing, sounds like he/she is lucky to have you!

If it doesn't settle down in a couple of days perhaps take to the vet?

Friendlystories Sat 30-Jan-16 01:55:40

Probably been fed on adult food which its struggling to digest poor thing. It may well take a few days to settle down even on good quality puppy food as its best to slowly wean from one food to another but obviously you can't do that as you don't know what it's been fed on up til now. A vet check on Monday would be a good idea regardless, do you have other dogs? Any vomiting or diarrhoea?

Adarajames Sat 30-Jan-16 02:06:31

Yes I suspect adult tinned cheap and nasty from the stench!! But no idea what so will have to just switch to decent pup food. No vomiting, very liquid poo but not diarrhoea in that she's only gone couple times if you get what I mean by difference! Will worm her in morning; feed little and often, and yes, if doesn't settle, we'll see vet Monday. Going to try to sleep now ive finally managed to settle her in crate next to my poor long suffering girl whose exhausted from pup insisting on playing for ages tonight!

Friendlystories Sat 30-Jan-16 02:48:36

You're obviously experienced so no doubt know the signs but just keep an eye out for any increase in runny poo/vomiting and in particular blood in stools on the very slim off chance you're dealing with parvo. Only mention it because it smells like nothing else, truly awful but nothing else in your posts rings alarm bells so doubt you have anything to worry about its just always worth mentioning with pups you don't have full background on especially when you have other dogs who might be at risk. First symptom is usually lethargy and it doesn't sound like that's a worry if she's worn your girl out playing smile Let us know how she gets on, I've given up fostering as I always end up failing and keeping them grin it's a lovely thing you're doing for her though, well done you flowers Funnily enough my last foster was staff/EBT, we've had her nearly two years now blush

Adarajames Sat 30-Jan-16 03:20:10

She is VERY active and bouncy, and she does appear to have had first jabs, so think we're ok on that front. Having had a dog die from it, I've seen the signs and she's really too healthy! Sure it's digestive issue from wrong food, has that hint of really nasty tinned food smell, the sort that smells similarly rank on way in and way out!! Thought had settled her but been up and down again few times, but peace reigns now, for however long, so hoping to get at least Few hrs sleep before she's off again! Thanks for reassuring words smile

Adarajames Sat 30-Jan-16 03:21:00

Ps if you want another one Fern, she's looking for a home!! wink grin

Adarajames Sat 30-Jan-16 03:27:47

Pps Rosie is my failed foster too! grin she's a pointer x unknown from Spain, arrived at 16months, obese and bouncing off walls hyper! Now a lovely nearly 5 your old who does agility, obedience and is training as a search and rescue dog, and is my utter delight smile

Friendlystories Sat 30-Jan-16 03:50:28

Oh she's gorgeous! No, no more thanks, DH would divorce me grin Hope you get some rest, pups are hard work flowers

Adarajames Sat 30-Jan-16 05:51:06

Hmm cleaning liquid shit from dog, crate and bedding at 0500 after only about 45 mins or so sleep, is not my idea of a good night!! (Doesn't improve my pain/sickness of ME either!) Should be able to save such experiences somehow and make those who want a puppy live through it for a week or so, might make them think twice rather than getting one, then dumping it when it's no longer so tiny and cute and doesnt housetrain itself!!! angry

Fecking ejits who get puppies for Christmas without thinking of ongoing commitment and work, need a swift slapping with a wet puppy pad!!!

Dieu Sat 30-Jan-16 16:07:27

I know, it's them who should be put down.

Good on you for taking her in for now. How is she doing now?

Adarajames Sat 30-Jan-16 19:59:05

I'm exhausted and in rather too much pain, as we didn't manage very much sleep at all last night, and it means my pain levels soar, so been a real struggle today. Ended up giving her a tiny dose of kaolin & morphine - have the remains of a very old bottle as you can't buy it now, which is a shame as its great for use with dogs! Seems to have calmed things down, plus very little food last night then decent stuff today; the bloating around her tummy has reduce a little, and managed to get her to toilet in the garden and alth soft, did actual have form, rather than pool Of liquid has been till now! Oh the ignominy of conversations about poo! Still stinks somewhat!

Has played with my girl till both crashed out which was quite nice, alth mine has now gone to her bed and is growling if pups tries to join her so has had enough! Just hoping she settles better tonight, and the rescue find her a foster placement asap as unfortunately my own health means I just don't have the resilience to be up all night with pup and still function at any decent level! Plus always really worried about noise complaints as some of my neighbours are less than understanding!

Think I need to be more realistic about what dogs I agree to foster, won't do any of them any good if I wipe myself out too much to cope with any again, least of all my own girl!

Some owned do need putting down, and other neutered so their idiocy doesnt affect the next generation either!!

LaurieFairyCake Sat 30-Jan-16 20:04:08

Can we see a pic??? smilesmile

Adarajames Sat 30-Jan-16 22:18:06

Cute of course, as all puppies are, but I've seriously over estimated my ability to cope with puppy chaos these days; rescue really need to sort place for her now sad I'm feeling utterly overwhelmed and I know it's pain ad exhaustion speaking but feel they've rather dumped me in it sad

Dieu Sat 30-Jan-16 22:30:09

Hugs for you OP. You sound like an amazing person. Hope you get a decent night's sleep. ((((Adarajames))))

p.s. highly unlikely, but if you're in Edinburgh, give me a shout and I will happily help out if it gets too much. My crazy Shih Tzu pup would love a playmate!

Friendlystories Sat 30-Jan-16 22:43:29

She's beautiful but they are exhausting at that age, must be incredibly hard with your own health problems on top. Would the rescue consider letting her go if another place could be found for her? I have rescue contacts all over the country if you're really struggling and want me to see if anyone has a space? You'll know yourself they're like gold dust this time of year but don't mind trying if you want to PM me your general area flowers

Adarajames Sun 31-Jan-16 00:09:09

Dieu thanks, but unfortunately nowhere near!

Fern - aren't they just! And to make it worse, we're in South London and its a staff x! They can take months or more to get homes, so many in rescue!! Any ideas gratefully received!

I've got in touch with a more proactive trustee and really stated monday 0930 is it as got other commitments, no reply as yet, but one Ive been dealing with just isn't taking it on board! She is actually quiet now, and ive finally had the much needed shower ive not managed since yesterday before she arrived, so hoping for a bit of sleep whilst she's quiet. Thanks for not judging me for finding it so hard

Friendlystories Sun 31-Jan-16 00:16:25

Why would I judge you, pups are hard work when you're fit and well, I think you're amazing for even trying to give her a chance, especially when she was dropped on you unexpectedly. Will send some messages out now, probably be the morning before I get much back now though. Really hope you have a better night tonight and manage to get some rest, will let you know if there's anyone coming forward tomorrow flowers

Adarajames Sun 31-Jan-16 12:09:11

Seems the woman from rescue who asked me to hold her for coupl days was less than honest and the rescue had actually said they couldn't take her as no room!! So feck knows what's happening now! Have told her that 0930 tomorrow is deadline, not extendable or negotiable, and if it comes to it, Ill have to drop poor puppy at her house and she'll have to sort it out. I won't ever be saying yes to helping her out again; I wouldn't ever have agreed had I known this as would've been clear how unlikely finding a foster will be!!

Dieu Sun 31-Jan-16 15:25:23

Poor pup sad

Adarajames Sun 31-Jan-16 15:29:48

Looks like somewhere has been found for her from tomorrow, which is jig worry off my mind.
Poor pup indeed, circumstances mean she can't stay here unfortunately, was only ever a very short term solution, but at least now she'll be safe and won't end up in the free ads!

Friendlystories Sun 31-Jan-16 15:32:56

Fab news Adara, bet that's a weight off your mind smile

Dieu Sun 31-Jan-16 16:11:26

Good to hear x

Adarajames Sun 31-Jan-16 16:59:53

Fern - it is smile

She is a cutey really (which puppy isn't really!), and is so not her fault her owners were totally feckwits! but it doesn't work having a dog that can't be left and who howls quite a bit at night in a flat in a terraced house, especially when you have dog hating neighbours whose understanding only goes so far!

so far we've not had to clean beds / floors as we've performed our toileting when asked to in the garden today, so that's helped some, and a friend took her for a few hours earlier so I could make an earlier commitment, but glad she's sorted somewhere, and at least she'll end up rehomed and not as a bait dog.

But I really wont be agreeing to help this particular person again!

Thanks for being there in my stressing flowers

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