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what's bothering my dog?

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ThatWentWell Thu 28-Jan-16 17:43:25

I've just got back from a long field/woods walk with ddog ( 3 1/12 yr old mini schnauzer) and something's bothering her constantly on her back/ upper back leg area (what I'd call her hip).

She's skittish and licking/biting the area. Also, she lifts her back leg to scratch on her chest/belly/armpit. Obviously, this doesn't reach the right area so she stops.

I have spent a long time combing over the area, checking for fleas, bites, ticks, redness or anything stuck on the fur and cannot find anything.

I've checked the whole of the back area and her belly several times. Her fur is very short at the moment so it would be easyish to spot something.

Could it be muscular or internal? It only bothers her when she first moves, ie, getting up from sitting or laying.

All advice appreciated, thanks.

ThatWentWell Thu 28-Jan-16 19:45:20

Hopeful bump....

MrsJayy Thu 28-Jan-16 19:49:00

How is she now could she have jumped or tripped on her walk my dog gets like that if he lies to long and its like his leg has gone to sleep

ThatWentWell Thu 28-Jan-16 19:58:30

Does he act like it's an irritant, rather than a pain?

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Thu 28-Jan-16 20:03:29

any jumping or ball catching when she was out...could she have landed badly and hurt herself

one of our boys was really nibbling his knees and up area, we thought it was maybe some wipes we had used, maybe washing powder, maybe something in the diagnosed arthritis and he was nibbing because of the pain. sad

might be worth a jaunt to the V.E.T for a check over.

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