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Insurer for labrador Pup

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SummersSomewhere Thu 28-Jan-16 10:54:15

Would you recommend insurance and if so what type of cover and who do you recommend.

marmaladegranny Thu 28-Jan-16 10:59:55

I think it is worth going for life cover for a puppy as you do not know what the future will bring - you can always cut it back in a couple of years. My Ddog was discovered to have a bone problem at 6months and needed surgery so I was very pleased to have life cover, otherwise any problem with his legs might have been regarded as an existing condition. From bitter experience you need up to £7000 cover!
We are with JL pet insurance and they have been brilliant - always paid out quickly without question.

TheoriginalLEM Thu 28-Jan-16 11:06:14

marmalade is right, make sure you take on lifetime cover, most insurance companies offer either lifetime or yearly insurance, if you get yearly insurance, they will only cover for any condition for up to a year, if your dog has an ongoing condition that requires medication then you are going to be looking at alot of money.

Do you have your dog yet? Ask your vet if they offer free insurance for four weeks? This is usually provided by the bigger companies such as pet plan which are expensive, but do take it (you don't have to continue with it) but if any congenital conditions are picked up in early life, if the insurance is already in place you will be covered. Otherwise you wont be able to find cover for it. They are not the cheapest though - Where i work, we work directly with pet plan which means that clients can pay just the excess and we can claim directly from pay plan, with other companies the client pays us up front and claims the money back from the insurer. AGain, this may vary from practice to practice.

We have not had the best experience of "animal friends" insurance, whilst they do what they say they will do, they will wriggle out of paying on any technicality.

SummersSomewhere Thu 28-Jan-16 12:51:28

I have used PetPlan and found them to be very good but Insurance Suppliers are many and more varied these days and it's hard to compare policies isn't it.

We are agreed that she's to be insured with lifetime cover. She came with free insurance from the Kennel Club. So far she is a bundle of fun and an example of fine health and my baby

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