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puppy's first weeks home?

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elin123 Wed 27-Jan-16 18:56:56

Hi, we are looking for a puppy at the moment. My question is before the puppy has its 2nd vaccination can you take it to places? For example I cant take it to the park etc to walk around or can I? I know it needs to be socialised and meet people etc but before the vaccine what can and cant I do?

BoysRule Wed 27-Jan-16 20:13:44

We get our puppy on Sunday and I have read quite a bit on this. You can't expose the dog to anything that could contain the diseases it is being vaccinated against. So you can socialise with a friend's dog who you know has been vaccinated. You need to socialise the dog but do it by carrying it and don't put it down.

I'm planning on taking the puppy out as much as I can but not putting him down - he is a small breed so I can do this. I am also taking him to friends' houses who have vaccinated dogs. And I am going to ensure we do lots at home - visitors knocking on the door, supermarket delivery, hairdryer, hoover. Any other ideas?

TrionicLettuce Wed 27-Jan-16 20:25:46

This website is really worth a look. It breaks down the developmental stages of puppies and has lists of things you should be aiming to do during each one.

eandh Wed 27-Jan-16 20:32:48

When we got our puppy last November he had first set of jabs but our vets restarted them as different branc! He came everywhere with us where possible so school run (700 children plus parents plus busy main road so lots of cars, buses, cyclists, babies, prams, umbrellas etc) he just got carried (tucked inside my coat) he visited my in laws and met the rabbit and cat plus got to sniff the fish pond) we live near a river so walked down there holding him, but also drove to local train station (trains are nearby so he hears them a lot) he came to parks, brownie pick up, playgrounds, neighbours houses (with vaccinated dogs) the he had puppy parties at the vets too! We really went all out on socialisation and he is 18 weeks now and a dream, he rarely barks, he has a nose at other dogs when walking/off lead but can read the signs if another dog wants to be left alone. Training gone so well as lots of positive reinforcement but I would really recommend taking him/her to places as much as you can (and personally we crate trained ours and he is happy to be let 3-4 hours Now he has free run of conservatory and we leave crate door open and we often come back and he is fast asleep in his crate with his blanket and teddy 😀

elin123 Wed 27-Jan-16 21:21:50

Thanks for your advice. What breeds have you got? Just out of interest ? We are getting a French bulldog . Puppies due in 4 weeks so in 12-13 weeks we would be taking it home if all goes to plan . I'm so excited😀 Obviously early stages because the pups haven't been born yet but had an email from the breeder today who had taken the mum for a scan today.

eandh Thu 28-Jan-16 21:22:27

We have a cocker spaniel (working line) just back from 3rd puppy training class he behaved impeccably for first 40 minutes then decided enough was enough for the last 20 minutes And laid down and went to sleep 😳)

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