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Dog cataracts

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GinandJag Wed 27-Jan-16 17:14:07

My dog, a 10 year old cocker spaniel, has cataracts with no meaningful vision.

I know this is a "how long is a piece of string" question, but does anyone have a ballpark figure for the cost of having them treated (ie cataracts removed and artificial lenses implanted)?

DH took her to the vet today, and was told they could be treated but DH didn't pursue. The dog is happy and can get around the house OK, but can't be let of the leash when out.

Piglattejane Wed 27-Jan-16 17:35:46

My dog (10 yr old JRT) had this op in December. Both lenses were replaced. It is going to end up costing around £4K depending on how many more check ups she needs. Have to say it's the best money I have ever spent. My pooch went completely blind but now has brilliant vision. She is a totally different dog - just so, so happy to be able to see again and it's given her a completely new lease of life. We used the Eye Veterinary Clinic in Leominster and can absolutely recommend them. Do PM me if you want any more info.

TrionicLettuce Wed 27-Jan-16 19:02:16

DDog2 had both eyes done in 2011 and it was £5k for the op plus aftercare and follow ups.

She went from being completely blind (at only 3 years old sad) to having what I'd describe as adequate sight. She still struggles a bit in low light or when there's very high contrast between light and shade.

That said, it was definitely worth doing for her and some vision is far better than no vision at all!!

JBH316 Thu 28-Jan-16 20:20:43

My 11 year old cocker spaniel developed diabetic cataracts back in September last year. We opted to have the surgery as he was really miserable with his loss of vision - it cost £2.5k for both eyes and was worth every single penny. We are in Scotland so might be why our cost was lower than the other posters.

GinandJag Sun 31-Jan-16 19:40:26

Thank you for the replies.

I imagine that the cost here in the south east at our very naice vet practice will be closer to £5000 based on your figures.

I would say that we would go for it, but DH is not working at the moment and I am the solo breadwinner, and need to take that into account. The dog is 10 and apparently the age expectancy of cocker spaniels is 11 - 13 years, and she is not a great specimen. She has always been overweight and it's getting worse as we can take her on walks where she goes off the lead like mad for an hour. Saying that, her vet checkup was good in that there are no heart or joint problems.

As soon as DH gets a job, we will definitely reevaluate ahead of my new kitchen. However, the fact that we didn't get the hard-sell or the soft-sell from the vet probably means that he doesn't think it is worth it. sad

On the plus side, she really does seem happy. She can navigate the house and knows where her bowl, bed, dishwasher and back door are.

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