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Just got out second dog, and are dog sitting.. OMG the chaos

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tiredtoday Sun 24-Jan-16 11:33:53

Just got out second dog yesterday and was out of the blue as it's a rare breed and needed rehoming, they don't appear often so went for it. We are also currently looking after another dog. So.. Three dogs.. And a swamp garden duty to the persistent rain. They are all now filthy, and have tagged the garden and kitchen... I'm beginning to lose my sanity

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Sun 24-Jan-16 12:15:34

wineLots of it brew for if you don't drink (or for earlier in the day) & cake! Can I ask the breed?

My garden is a bog with only 1 dog can't imagine what it would be like with 3!

tiredtoday Mon 25-Jan-16 00:51:27

We survived. Ended up separating them and fencing of the garden, busy day but much better now. The are Bernese mountain dogs

coffeeisnectar Mon 25-Jan-16 00:53:03

Wow!! Gorgeous dogs but, but the mud!

AlpacaLypse Mon 25-Jan-16 00:55:07

OMG are they all three Bernese's???? I can't begin to imagine the filth level of three big hairy dogs in this weather...

wine and brew and the MN paneacea [gin] you need it and deserve it!!!

Themodernuriahheep Mon 25-Jan-16 01:05:34

They are so lovely...and you will need such absorbent towels..

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Mon 25-Jan-16 07:08:13

They're a beautiful breed. Congratulations on your new addition. There's not long 'til spring and summer, fingers crossed it will be dry then, give the gardens time to recover.

tiredtoday Mon 25-Jan-16 12:43:42

Only my two are Bernese... The other was a lab. Today the new dog is constantly trying to get his end away... She isn't best pleased. Got him for a bit of company for ours - hopefully they will chill out together soon.

Yeah love them... They are so docile and cute... First time with this breed so it's all a learning curve.

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Mon 25-Jan-16 13:48:40

I think because i'm biased the mountain dog breeds are the best.

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