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Which dog harness - fur matting?

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We have a 2 year old Cavapoo with poodle type fur and a mesh type soft harness. She gets so matted on her belly, between her front legs and her neck where she has a nylon collar. Does anyone have any suggestions on a better fabric that won't make her fur felt together into mats. I have searched the internet and wondered if a rolled leather one would make any difference. I don't want to clip her short as she is pathetic and just dithers and we put the heating on for her! Any ideas, many thanks.

Deadnettle Mon 25-Jan-16 11:16:27

I have a poodle and I think anything that rubs against the fur will cause matting. The only thing you can do is brush your dog every single day, paying extra attention to areas where the harness and collar go.

Matted fur is very bad at keeping a dog warm, and can be painful for the dog. It is much better to keep a dog in a clip that you find managable than to grow it out until it matts so badly that it needs clipping to the skin.

Dieu Mon 25-Jan-16 11:53:36

I have a Shih Tzu with long, fluffy fur. He has a Red Dingo harness, and no matting. He isn't prone to matting anyway though, which is miraculous given his fur, so it could just be that.

Summerwood1 Mon 25-Jan-16 16:54:02

I have a Cavapoo. I got my harness online from ditsy pet. They are quite expensive but work really well and come in lots of different designs.


Thank you for your help, I have now clipped her a little shorter around her chest and where her harness sits so that should help. I've also bought a comb with rotating teeth, they are fantastic and really make a difference. Summer - love the harnesses from ditsy, which one to choose, they are so pretty.

Summerwood1 Tue 26-Jan-16 23:23:30

They are very pretty! I bought the red gingham one and lead to match!

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