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Elderly dog personality change towards younger dog

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blackheartsgirl Fri 22-Jan-16 19:44:21

We have 2 female spayed dogs one rescue who is now almost 15 and we have had for 8 years and one yorkie who is 5 who was my mums but couldn't look after her due to ill health. We don't have a clue what breed the older dog is but she looks like a lab crossed with something or other and is medium sized I'd say.both dogs have always got along well and still cuddle up together at night in the same basket (even though they have separate ones)

Anyway the older dog is getting very snappy towards the younger dog, never towards the dc thankfully but it's causing problems. It's usually when my dds are stroking or playing with the yorkie and then she will just go for her, all hell breaks loose and my dd1 got nipped as they were fighting on her it was awful. If the yorkie barks then again we get growling and snapping from the bigger dog. It's weird because she is a lovely loving good tempered dog and we've never had any problems with her.

They both get walked everyday, seperately because the older dog is very doddery and can't walk that far and the yorkie walks for miles.

I'm not sure how to handle this to be honest I don't want to get rid of either dog, as it's not fair on the both of them or my dc either.

I've never asked for advice on this board before so please if I sound like a crap owner please tell me gently!

lapsedorienteerer Fri 22-Jan-16 19:47:39

I can't comment on changes between two dogs in the same house but I do know that our dog (bitch) got increasingly grumpy from the age of about 11 until she died at 13. She became a 'grumpy old woman'grin.

blackheartsgirl Fri 22-Jan-16 19:50:08

Ha that does sound like our Lady, she gives off this exasperated look sometimes that reminds me of my nan..these young uns! She does sleep a hell off a lot these days

honeyroar Fri 22-Jan-16 21:17:55

Have you spoken to your vet about it? It might be worth it. Could you put her bed in a crate or make a run in the corner of the room, with the entrance away from everything, so she can't just run at the other dog, but has to go round something? Slow her down, make it more of a faff for her (she may not bother?). If not could she go in another room? Our oldest dog is getting elderly and grumpier. I'd still massively tell her off if she did any more than grumble.

blackheartsgirl Sun 24-Jan-16 10:26:24

Thank I will go and have a chat with the vet I think.I will try the run too or separate the dogs. It only seems to happen when the dogs have human company. My bedroom is right next to the kitchen, as we sleep downstairs and I hear nothing at night in fact both dogs sleep together quite happily

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