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Dogs are fighting .... Worrying me

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Millionairerow Wed 20-Jan-16 22:57:57

Right. Had my 2 dogs for nearly 9 years-
Same age. One intact but not the other ( he kept running off as a pup so had him done). They used to fight a lot when younger and we understood- hAd to let them get on with it and the one that is done occasionally caused puncture wounds on other. Worst was when he nearly punctured others eye. They've enjoyed a number of years ok but fighting behaviour has increased from once every 3-6 months to practically 3 times a week. What is going on? The one
Inflicting Damage has never snapped at us or other dogs - how do we resolve. The wounds are not pretty!

KinkyAfro Thu 21-Jan-16 02:18:11

had to let them get on with it and your reasoning behind this is what?

MsMims Thu 21-Jan-16 02:24:35

If they're getting to the point of injuring each other, you need to keep them totally separate before one or both of them gets seriously maimed or worse.

I suggest you then seek advice from a qualified dog behaviourist who does not follow dominance theories. I have two littermates who have a love/ hate relationship however they rarely actually come to blows. Your situation sounds much more severe, please do seek professional help.

Are you able and willing to rehome one of them?

WeAllHaveWings Thu 21-Jan-16 06:14:29

What has the vet suggested when you have repeatedly taken your dog in with nasty wounds?

CaptainKit Thu 21-Jan-16 15:20:26

Wounds? Definitely keep them separated; it's not fair on either dog to be in such a stressful situation. Even fighting every 3-6 months is too much if they're causing damage, 3 weeks must be awful.

Keep them apart, then get some help from a proper trainer. This is not behaviour you can let continue.

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