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Barking annoying my neighbours

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Strangeoccurence Tue 19-Jan-16 10:29:56

My dog is about 9 month old now. He hears a noise and barks.
He is not as bad as he used to be but its annoying me for, and i worried about my neighbours.
Now ive found my neighbours are annoyed too.
What can i do?
Ive tried the air compressed cans - he realised everytime he barked the noise would happen so kept testing it by barking haha. Ive tried shaking a tea towel his way. Ive told him quiet etc.
Im sure ive heard of a plug in that emits a noise when there is a bark. So im going to look that up.

Any tips would be great please

Chocogoingcuckoo Wed 20-Jan-16 06:39:06

We have a Barker, mostly when we're out, but tried the following which helped. Plenty of exercise and play outside the home to tire them out when back indoors. Kong filled with treats out the freezer. Only give her her balls when we go out (it's her favourite toy and favourite distraction). Leave the telly on for her. Close her out the livingroom where she loves to bark at folk walking by. We limited the space she had to roam as a security thing when we weren't there to make her feel a bit safer and left pyjama top in her bed so she had our scent.

If she barks when we're at home its for constant attention seeking, even although she gets loads. Don't respond to the Barking just simply get up and walk away. Your dog will soon realise your not responding to its demands. We played brain training exercises as well such as making her wait for treats varying the time and "find it" plank a toy in the house and tell them to go find it. Really knackers them out but trains them to refocus.

What kind of dog do you have? Have you thought about getting a dog trainer to your house?

Strangeoccurence Wed 20-Jan-16 09:17:29

Thank you for the tips, i will try some.
He is a border collie. Hes put in his cage when we leave, so doesnt have free roam. I dont think he barks when in out as much as he does when im in.
A lot of it is attention seeking, when he wants me to play and im busy he will bark etc.
Sometimes trying to discourage him is a game in itself to him lol.

I did think about closing the living room door when i left, to make the noise less for my neighbours. Only i never have, and with me not thinking he barks much when im out it may make him bark more?

He is always asleep when i get home, and im never out for long. I dont hear him when im outside (and you can).

I think i will leave the tv on when i leave though so he doesnt hear outside noise as much which may set him off when im out as it does when in in

Strangeoccurence Wed 20-Jan-16 09:20:32

Oh and we do brain exercises, but not the hiding his toy. He knows "find it" simply from when he wants to play and i say go find your toy/ball. He gets whichever one i ask him to. So i will try hiding things.
He also gets a fair amount of exercise, but he never quits with the mental side. 10pm is his bedtime and thats when he shuts himself off for the night lol

Chocogoingcuckoo Wed 20-Jan-16 13:01:18

We have a cocker spaniel, both our dogs are highly strung breeds. If the tellys left on is reassures them your coming back as well. We also have to keep her balls in fridge (where she can't get the scent) or she drives us nuts.

We had to teach her to slow down and wait for stuff as well as her brain was constantly on the go and done this by using a treat or a toy and making her lie down and put the treat on the floor and say leave it. Eventually we could get treats on her paws before telling her to take it.

Good luck.

Strangeoccurence Wed 20-Jan-16 14:19:48

Yep he drives me nuts with the balls too (picked one up as i typed that haha). He gets them and passes them to me as he likes to play pass. Sometimes he just flings them at me. Then growls or barks for me to throw them or pass them. He could do this for hours on end.
I have got him to leave his food, until i say so just not with treats yet, so ill practice that.
He does have a treat puzzle game, but he cracks it in minutes so i need a harder one

Lokibuddyboo Thu 21-Jan-16 03:42:43

My little dog likes to bark too but only when I'm there never when I leave him.
I've tried loads of different methods but they only work for a short time then he just sort of ignores it what seems to be working at the moment is telling him once quite then ignoring him not even look at him till he's quite the praise and attention when he is.
Good luck.

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