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Is there training my mum should get for her dog?

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Euphemia Sun 17-Jan-16 22:58:41

My mum (73) has a four year-old Border Collie. He's not very interested in other dogs and prefers to chase a ball.

He occasionally warns other dogs off with a little warning snap if they run at him or try to take his ball. He never has a go at dogs unless provoked.

There is one dog, however, that he's never liked. He snapped at it when it was a puppy because it bounded up to him, and my mum says he had a go at it last week. Didn't do any harm AFAIK but there was a "kerfuffle".

The dog's owner went ballistic at my mum. sad Shouted at her and told her she needed to get her dog under control, that other people he's spoken to say the same, and if that it happens again he'll have my mum's dog put down!

A friend of my mum witnessed this and said the man totally over-reacted and that he obviously doesn't understand dogs' natures.

My wee mum went home and cried. sad

I don't know how to advise her. Training for the dog? Can the man really have him put down? sad

Wolfiefan Sun 17-Jan-16 23:00:14

Check out new legislation. As far as I'm aware dogs need to be "under control" at all times. She needs to be able to recall her dog when necessary.

Floralnomad Sun 17-Jan-16 23:40:53

I think your mum should just try to avoid this particular dog / owner or if she sees them put her dog on his lead . My dog doesn't like other dogs harassing him but it is a risk when you have your dog off lead because that entitles other dogs to approach them . If I see another dog starting to 'wind' mine up I always recall mine and take him out of the situation before he gets to snapping point . The problem is you get all these people who say that dogs read other dogs body language and stay away if they realise another dog doesn't want to play but in my experience that is absolute bollocks .

tabulahrasa Mon 18-Jan-16 09:18:39

I'd pop him on the lead to pass other dogs...I don't think it sounds like she should have to as he's minding his own business and only telling off rude dogs who interrupt him, but the owners of rude dogs won't have it that their dogs are the ones in the wrong, so putting him on lead as they approach tells the owner she doesn't want him to play with her dog.

And no, he can't have her dog PTS, he can report it to a dog warden, but without an injured human that's as far as it would go.

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