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Dog with ants in pants

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ChairRider4 Sat 16-Jan-16 18:48:22

My boy who normally pretty laid back nothing other than normal lab loons

I swear has ants in his pants ,just not settling at all but not I'll ants in pants more like he been on E numbers

We had the normal 8/9 month old teen stage but sigh keeps asking to go out in garden etc and restless

ChairRider4 Sat 16-Jan-16 20:05:47

Any tips on how to get him to settle ?This is not like him at all

cankles Sat 16-Jan-16 23:11:58

may not be helpful at all but has he found something in the garden that he is enjoying chewing(?) or playing with(?) - only reason I'm mentioning it is our halyon head kept wanting out (much more than usual!) and I was wondering why - my daughter noticed that he was chewing 'an orange peel' didn't think much of it - other than 'how did that get in our garden' ... mmmmm .. well after a day or two of 'in/out, in/out, I eventually went out and discovered that the 'orange peel' was in fact a pair of orange and cotton gardening gloves! - which he had happily been eating his way through.

He's almost 8 months old and we wuvs him, no sense and a lovely addition to our family!

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