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Puppy and daughter

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Hoppinggreen Tue 12-Jan-16 09:37:04

We have a 9 week old Golden Retriever male puppy. He's settling well but I'm rather concerned about the way he sees my dd11. She is very calm and quite quiet but usually has a way with animals and our cats and friends dogs love her to bits but the puppy doesn't seem to like her at all. He either totally ignores her or plays very roughly with her. I know at 9 weeks he will be very bitey and we are dealing with that appropriately ( ignore, offer a toy instead, refuse to play if he's rough etc) and that works mostly with me, DH and DS but he really goes after DD whenever she interacts with him and if she walks past him he will often attack her feet. It has been playing but this morning he has bitten her in a way that wasn't playing at all and was quite nasty. DD is very upset and her hand is bleeding and she wants to know why the puppy hates her.
He comes to me and DH for cuddles and follows us around but at best he totally ignores DD and at worst bites her.
Puppy will start training classes ( with DD) as soon as he has had the rest of his Vax but is there anything we can do in the meantime?
Puppy is a bit bitey with DS7 but nowhere near as aggressively.

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