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DDachshund forever weeing in DM's hallway...

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ElphabaTheGreen Fri 08-Jan-16 20:11:03

So this is the set-up we have:

Me, DH and DCs in main house - both dachshunds perfectly housebroken in our house. Take themselves outside EVERY time they need to go through a dog door into the fully enclosed back garden.

DM in granny flat at the side of main house. She also has a dog door so dogs have free passage in/out to get to the garden. They will sometimes take themselves outside but the male DDachshund mainly wees and poos in her front hallway. Female DDachshund mostly goes out but will also add to the foetid carpet, especially when raining. DDogs are with her during the day when we're at work.

The complicating factor is that DM is only just mobile with elbow crutches. Tiling the front hallway is out of the question because of this - whenever she falls, it's because her crutch hits a wet patch on a tiled or linoleum surface so she cannot have the front hallway tiled as she has to pass through it to access her bedroom and bathroom. She will only use elbow crutches - she will not consider using a frame instead to reduce risk of falls.

She can't, of course, clean up after the dogs either because of her reduced mobility, so her house constantly stinks of dog wee. Walking through her door is eye-watering.

We've tried every repellant going to stop him. We've had the carpet deep-cleaned and deodorised to try and get his smell out to deter him but he just starts all over again. I don't think replacing the carpet will make one iota of difference because of this. He knows he's not supposed to go there. On the rare occasion mum spots him starting to go, she bellows at him and he's out the door like a shot. Problem is, she's not agile enough to get up every time he does and make sure he gets out the door. We both work full time and the DCs are 1 and 3 so we're not in a position to get the carpet replaced then camp out in her hallway for two weeks until he gets the idea that it is not his personal lavatory.

Can anyone think of anything we haven't??

Dieu Sat 09-Jan-16 00:30:12

Your poor mum! Couldn't you just block the dog flap to her place?

ElphabaTheGreen Sat 09-Jan-16 07:23:16

That would leave the dogs shut outside when we're at work during the day, which isn't fair on two confirmed lap dogs. Mum would never want them shut out either, as they're company for her when we're out. We don't want them to get into our house during the day when we're not there as they start 'adopting' the DCs toys.

Dieu Sat 09-Jan-16 23:05:18

Mum to look after them at your house during the day?

ElphabaTheGreen Sun 10-Jan-16 21:46:59

She can't easily get into our house because of her mobility and she couldn't do anything once she was there because she has an adapted chair/kitchen/bathroom etc for her needs.

Kleptronic Sun 10-Jan-16 23:31:19

' we're not in a position to get the carpet replaced then camp out in her hallway for two weeks until he gets the idea that it is not his personal lavatory.'

I am really sorry, but there is no other way. Someone has to take this on or he'll do it forever.

It's particularly hard with dachshunds too, I have a mini and he's a swine for it. I've managd to stop the weeing but he'll still have a crafty crap if I take my eye off him, if it's cold or raining. That's with laminate and Simple Solution and it never got to lie there. You're going to have trouble in that hall if it's saturated the floorboards, he'll still smell it.

If it were my problem I would plan to have the dogs in daycare while the hall was sorted out (Simple Solution on the boards repeatedly for a week/two might work) and then the new carpet. I would still have them in daycare whilst doing supervised visits in the evening with them on a lead. Literally back to puppy treatment, out for a wee every 30 mins. I'd spend a couple of weeks doing that. Then half a morning/afternoon supervised a couple of times a week (get daycare to pick them up if it'll save time). Then a couple of days supervised. Then a week. Do you have enough leave/spare money between you to arrange that?

Sorry, it's going to be tough.

ElphabaTheGreen Mon 11-Jan-16 20:58:21

I do know that's the only way Kleptronic but we really don't have the leave or money for it. DM did once go into hospital for a couple of weeks, during which we got the carpets deep cleaned and he was locked out completely for the entire time, but because she was still not 100% when she got home, she could keep even less of an eye on him, and I'd used up my leave spending time at the hospital, so he just picked up where he left off. We're currently trying to keep him out of there whenever we're at home and we're getting the carpet cleaned again soon. Mum is redoubling her efforts to keep a beady eye on him.

It's concrete underneath, rather than floorboards, which I guess means it's not going to hold the smell as badly...?

Dachshunds are buggers about housebreaking aren't they? They just don't quite see the point. It's why I mentioned the breed as it's entirely significant to my difficulties.

Dieu Mon 11-Jan-16 21:35:47

Och, it's such a big ask of your old mum. I feel bad when I think of her house smelling of pee ... as you must do as well, OP flowers

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