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puppy being a pain in the arse around cat

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Dieu Mon 04-Jan-16 17:54:52

Hi. We have an 8 month (nearly) old Shih Tzu pup, and a 5 or 6 year old rescue cat who has been with us for around 4 years. I am, I will admit, more bonded with the pup although look after the cat well. My children love both pets!
Pup is being a pain in the backside with regard to the cat. He is a bit bolder now that he's no longer a young 'un. He wants to play and will tail wag around the cat (has never tried to bite or shown aggression), but cat is having none of it and will hiss, scratch and spit if pup gets too close. This is fair enough, and we're generally on the cat's side with that!
Obviously things would run more smoothly if the cat wasn't so scathing and disapproving, but that's in the ideal world! Lately pup has taken to following the cat and barking at him. Cat doesn't seem too bothered tbh, but I live in a flat and would like to encourage pup not to do this.
Any thoughts, as the situation isn't improving, and I think pup actually enjoys getting a rise out of cat!
Thanks very much.
Oh, and I started a thread recently about my Shih Tzu being a bit smelly in the fur department (think damp sheep!) but had no luck with replies. If anyone knows of any reputable dry shampoos (that don't have a sickening smell) or other remedies, please do let me know. Thanks again.

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