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Any vets around?

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amatuermummy Mon 04-Jan-16 11:01:18

My dog woke up yesterday morning and drank quite a lot of water - which is usual for him. He then vomited the whole amount back up. I fed him shortly after and he also vomited this up. He was fine in himself but did seem dehydrated - dry gums - so I waited about an hour and gave him some milk and toast. He kept this down and seemed his usual self. He ate a bit throughout the day - I didn't offer him his usual amount but he kept it down. He then went to his crate quite early last night and was quite sniffy - not actually sneezing but chuffing through his nose.

I got him up this morning and he has been quite lethargic and still sniffy. His nose is cold and wet but he just seems a bit off. Can dogs get a cold? He's still going to the toilet as usual and is up to date on vaccinations. He's just lying around at the moment which is not like him at all.

Any ideas whether he's got a cold or whether he needs to see a vet? He doesn't seem bad enough to see a vet but I don't want to miss something.


amatuermummy Mon 04-Jan-16 15:57:02

As an update, he hasn't eaten his food and has been laying down most of the day. He is still fine when we let him outside, he runs around a bit and then comes back in. He has eaten a few treats but has refused his own food. He also took some food from my daughter very roughly which is very unlike him. I don't really think he's bad enough to take to the vets, he been drinking normally, going to the toilet and will get up but seems a bit 'low' and tired.

DrunkenUnicorn Mon 04-Jan-16 20:18:09

Hmmm I'd take mine to the vets if they were like that.

But I do have labs so they're pretty much on deaths door if they go off food!

Normally if we have vomiting in an adult dog I starve for 12/24 hours then reintroduce a v bland diet, plain Chicken and rice or similar.

But I would be worried at vomitting water and the fact that you said he was a bit rough with your daughter which is out of character.

Are you sure that he hadn't eaten something he shouldn't? I would be worried about blockage?

If he was mine if he at the vets for peace of mind.

MitchellMummy Tue 05-Jan-16 23:16:54

Vets for sure ...

Shriek Tue 05-Jan-16 23:42:41

let us know how you got on? I do hope he's ok.

sounds like bug, has he had KC jabs? (although that doesn't mean he won't get it).

wretching ... inducing vomiting can be from rough throat of KC

to rehydrate quickly boil chicken (bones an'all) with rice and loads of water (as its the water you want to give him and keep back the rest with bones removed to feed as a recovery diet.

drain off the boiled water and cool it then give it in small amounts to reduce the chance of vomiting, and increase the likelihood of the goodness being quickly absorbed.

when dehydrated (have you checked his wee amounts? any?) use sink full of cold water to cool the liquid down rapidly so you can give it asap.

this might all be academic if you have already been to the vet.

Hope to hear he's doing ok.

amatuermummy Wed 06-Jan-16 09:44:22

Thank you for your responses and suggestions. He has had the KC jab but he also had the jab last year and still caught it in kennels, although it was nothing like he's been this time. It has been almost like a bug/cold. He seemed to have a temperature and sniffy nose.

I kept giving him bland foods like suggested and he has been eating properly now. He's never that bothered by his own food, usually just by ours. He could have eaten something he shouldn't have, we were away at the seaside when it started but we don't let him off the lead so it's unlikely that we wouldn't have seen him eating something odd.

Anyway, he has been getting better day by day and is almost back to normal today - cold nose, eating, drinking, running around, etc. Still a bit more subdued that usual but he seems a lot better now. We haven't been taking him out but we'll walk him today. If it had continued or got worse we would have taken him to the vets but hopefully this is the end of it.

Thanks again

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