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What to do about a concern I have with dog

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00100001 Wed 30-Dec-15 21:20:04

My aunt is disabled, she can get about on crutches around the home, but when going out uses a mobility scooter. She is widowed and lives alone. Her husband died about 18 months ago.

Her children thought it would a good idea to get her a dog for company (I suggested a cat) any the dig isbhere. A 8 year old Charles spaniel.

The dog has a run in the garden and is let out a few times a day to do business.

Concerns from me and DSis are
1) Aunt can't get out into run properly to clear up poo, so, often there are numerous pios in the pen. Then pen is relatively large for the dog (15x10ft).

2) aunt can't walk dog every day, nor will she employ a dog walker. Granted itsnsmall and sort of getting old, but still needs walks a bit more than being let out in the garden a few times a day.

3) she took dof for a walk a couple of weeks ago in her mobility scooter, and managed to run its foot over, yes ng out a claw sad

4) the dog has diarrhea atm due to meds from claw accidents, and she can't clear up to the poo as its "too runny" (its not) and she is hoping the rain will wash it away...

We (my Dsis and I) think she can't really cope with this dog.

But his should we approach this? Her children see no issue with the way the dog is living. Aunt definitely loves dog being around and dotrs on her. But she can't look after it properly.

We live 200 miles away (visiting for a few days) so obviously can't help out regularly.

00100001 Wed 30-Dec-15 21:20:41

Also, dog is not insured!

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