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Protective boots for paw wound

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moosemama Wed 30-Dec-15 13:46:32

My younger Lurcher managed to skin his rear pads on both rear feet whilst out in the garden for under ten minutes yesterday, I suspect handbrake turns on the patio are to blame - he has form for injuring himself when I turn my back for less than a minute. hmm

I've been bathing them with hibiscrub and initially padded his paw, then bandaged with cohesive bandages, but he flatly refused to walk. So he is now sporting a rather fetching pair of dd's old bright pink socks, which get covered by a taped on freezer bag when he has to go outside.

He was obviously very sore yesterday and walking very gingerly, but today is trotting around normally and has only licked them a couple of times, so I don't think they're hurting all that much anymore.

Problem is, he's due in kennels over NYE and obviously he's still going to need his paws protected/kept clean, but I can't expect the lovely staff there to be faffing about with socks and plastic bags.

Can anyone recommend any boots/paw protectors that might do the job, just for 48 hours. I've considered the packs of 12 disposable Pawz ones, but have read that they're too wide for small, greyhoundy feet (he's a big dog with tiny paws) and you end up with flap that's very tempting to chew, which is obviously a bad idea with rubber and would mean they couldn't stay on in the kennel.

Ideally I need some I can get on overnight delivery on Amazon Prime. Can anyone recommend a pair and suggest which size might be best for a Lurcher that has compact, Greyhoundy feet?

Many thanks.

Cheerfulmarybrown Wed 30-Dec-15 15:19:23

Do you have any vet wrap? Could you put on any dog boot but then cover in vet wrap so he could not remove it or damage it?

Noitsnotteatimeyet Wed 30-Dec-15 16:17:52

Silly Pip confused Ddog has form for this too .. We've found the best combo is sock plus vet wrap - no good if it's really wet but stays on reasonably well. We did have the pawzone boots but he v quickly developed a technique of grabbing the tip with his teeth and whipping them off in milliseconds...

moosemama Wed 30-Dec-15 17:41:27

Hi, I used padding and vet wrap the first time and he flatly refused to walk - daft highly strung dog that he is. He chewed through the vetwrap overnight as well. hmm

I ended up ordering some long-length baby socks and a couple of different boots to try from Amazon. If none of the boots are ok it will have to be the sock and bag combo, but I've bought some of the no-chew vetwrap just in case.

I've just taped on some of dd's old socks with some microporous medical tape for now and that's fine while I'm watching him, but I'm pretty sure he'd have it off in seconds once he was in a kennel.

Bubble2bubble Wed 30-Dec-15 21:58:39

We had the disposable ones like verruca socks for when ddog was just pottering about and still quite sore but we desperately needed to keep the dressing dry. He did go through a few pairs just by tearing them on stones outside, but didn't seem to bother chewing them.
We then moved on to these which he was able to wear for going on proper walks once his paw had healed but the skin was still new and not tough enough. He didn't object to either kind of boot, though is thankfully a very placid soul.

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